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Belarus: Portugal finds itself in "tough" and "strong" positions toward the European Union and NATO, says Marcelo - News

Belarus: Portugal finds itself in “tough” and “strong” positions toward the European Union and NATO, says Marcelo – News

The European Union has already stated its position very clearly. NATO has already clearly stated its position. As he leaves the Agoda National Palace in Lisbon, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa announced, in response to journalists’ questions, that Portugal is represented at the highest level and in the background is represented in both situations.

According to the head of state, they are “difficult positions, and strong positions” from the European Union and NATO.

“In the case of the European Union, it already involves penalties that apply to the country that acted in this situation [a Bielorrússia] And the air and the other circulation between that country and the countries of the European Union, “the President of the Republic pointed out.

European Union leaders met on Monday in Brussels, and responded to the case of an Irish Airlines plane Ryanair transferred by Belarusian authorities on Sunday, which forced it to land in Minsk, where journalist Roman Protasevic, an opponent of the Belarusian regime, was arrested.

The plane, owned by Irish airline Ryanair, was flying between the capitals of Greece and Lithuania – two member states of the European Union and NATO – through Belarusian airspace.

European Union leaders decided to “prevent Belarusian airlines from entering European airspace,” “demand that EU-based airlines avoid overflights,” and “adopt new specific economic sanctions” against Alexander Lukashenko’s regime.

In this position, the 27 demanded an “urgent investigation” by the International Civil Aviation Organization into the Sunday incident and the “immediate release” of the Belarusian journalist Roman Protasevich and Sophia Sabija, of Russian nationality, who accompanied him and who was also arrested.

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On Sunday, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg wrote on Twitter that “this is a dangerous and dangerous incident that requires an international investigation” and that “Belarus must ensure the safe return of the crew and all passengers.”

Today, before a meeting of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to address the issue, Jens Stoltenberg called for an “urgent international investigation” into what he considered a “state hijacking” by the Belarusian authorities of a Ryanair plane that was traveling between Athens. Vilnius urged the Lukashenko regime to immediately release Protasevic and Sofia Sabega.

The Secretary-General of NATO is in Portugal on Wednesday to participate at the invitation of the President of the Republic Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa at a meeting of the Council of State.

This meeting of the Political Body for Presidential Consultation will be held at the Cascais Citadel Palace, in the Lisbon region, under the theme “NATO, Status and Prospects”.