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The product fee for a disposable plastic cup will be the maximum. PLN1 – Design

According to the Ministry of Culture and the National Heritage Program, which was released on Thursday, a maximum of PLN1 has been fixed for the cups to be served to customers. Since July, in turn, can not be introduced to the market, for example, cotton buds made of non-recyclable plastics.

On Thursday, the RCL website released a draft amendment to the law on the management of certain waste and the obligations of entrepreneurs regarding product fees and certain other activities. This was prepared by the Ministry of Climate and Environment.

This amendment will implement in June 2019 the provisions of the EU Order relating to reducing the impact of certain plastic products on the environment. This includes, for example, restricting the use of plastic-containing disposable items such as stirrers, sticks, plates and straw.

This amendment provides for the introduction of a product charge of up to PLN1 for a single-use plastic packaging, which will be added to the product being sold. However, the draft indicates that the applicability rate – which will be allocated to manage such waste – will be specified in the regulation.

“This fee is intended to encourage consumers from purchasing single-use plastic packaging in favor of products made from alternative materials or recycled products,” the RIA draft explained.

E.g. The draft stipulates that the fee for a disposable cup in which coffee is distributed will be collected by retail units, wholesalers or restaurants.

According to the plan, stores and cafes that offer disposable packaging will have to offer an alternative to their customers, i.e. packaging made of materials other than recyclable materials and plastic.

Proposed Amendment From July 3, 2021, any products made of oxo-perishable plastics will be banned from the market, i.e. non-recyclable plastics. The problem with such plastics is that they contain compounds that accelerate their decomposition, or in fact – decompose into smaller plastic particles and remain in the environment for a long time.

According to the draft, such a ban applies to the following: cotton buds, cutlery, plates, straw, sticks attached to drinkers or balloons.

Nor can it be introduced in market food containers made of expanded polystyrene, i.e. food storage containers, e.g. In fast food. This also applies to beverage containers.

Presents the draft from July 3 this year. Some products contain information, e.g. On how to properly manage the waste generated from these products. Such information may include: pads, tampons, wet wipes, cups for tobacco products and beverages with filters.

The Future Amendment also assumes that entrepreneurs who place disposable products in the market will be provided with Extended Manufacturer Responsibility (ROP). This means that they will accept expenses, among other things, for educational campaigns, cleaning of such materials and waste management.

The draft sets the maximum charge for an item of marketed product as PLN 0.05. Relevant rates will be set in order. Such fees must be paid each year.

“Furthermore, this method of calculating the fee is defined as the product of the applicable ratio and the quantity of these products placed on the market in a calendar year” – added the RIA.

The proposed regulations introduce the obligation to keep records and reports on single-use plastic products and fishing gear containing plastic.

Future revision also mandates stores and catering units where chargeable packaging is provided, with records to be kept separately for each unit.

In the RIA of the project, it is not possible to analyze the total cost for all industries as a result of the draft revision due to the lack of data on the number of single-use plastic products placed on the market.

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The Ministry of Environment estimates that the fee for placing EU orders (cups for drinks with lids and eyelids, as well as containers for food, with or without lids) in the liaison ministry could fetch PLN 21 million. Year. As the ministry admits, when you look at the revenue from the cost of disposable bags offered in stores, this revenue is many times less than the estimated maximum amount.

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The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage said the additional charge for a pack of cigarettes would be PLN 0.01 and the annual charge would be more than PLN 23 million.

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