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The PlayStation 5's first major update will introduce new solutions

The PlayStation 5’s first major update will introduce new solutions

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) announced that starting today, April 14th, PlayStation®5 is receiving its first major update. Software, Which will include the ability to transfer / store game data to a compatible USB device, as well as Share your gameplay Between PS5 ™ and PS4 ™. This update will also include a large number of improvements in the user experience which will allow for more control and customization.

the new Extended USB storage It will increase the capacity of consoles and allow players to play their games from external storage. The Share your gameplay Between generations, PS5 ™ and PS4 ™ players will be allowed to enjoy the game while chatting in groups. This means PlayStation®5 players will be able to allow PlayStation®4 players to view their game screen and even experience games for PS5 ™ via Share your gameplay vice versa.

On the other hand, this update will also bring improvements to the menu Base of the game In order to provide players faster access to content and more important features.

From tomorrow, players will still be able to disable group chats or adjust player size and enjoy new customization options for the game library or screen zoom. This first major update for PlayStation®5 will also include new adjustments to the awards and stats screen.

Additionally, SIE announced some updates that the PlayStation® app will receive over the next few weeks.

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