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The Mavs coach is tired of Doncic's bets: "I've already lost, I don't know how many thousands of dollars" - NBA

The Mavs coach is tired of Doncic’s bets: “I’ve already lost, I don’t know how many thousands of dollars” – NBA

Luka Duncic remains one of the best players in the NBA. This morning, for example, he came back to save the Dallas Mavericks against the Memphis Grizzlies, by pulling a hat-trick worthy of his team’s 114-113 victory. And of course, the Slovenian was the target of all the praise from coach Rick Carlisle, who nonetheless made an odd advertisement (which cost him a fortune), precisely because of the almost surreal goal of Ace.

“This was one of those nights when we were incredibly lucky to get away with it. We had Houdini by our side, and we were taken out alive …” said the coach, then continued with this unusual revelation: The bets were made with Doncic. “I can’t tell you how many thousands of dollars I’ve actually lost because of midfield stadiums. There was a time in Mexico City, in our sophomore year, that I paid him in pesos because I was mad about it. It is!” The technician threw between laughter.

“I saw him do it all: score from midfield, with a foot from 12 meters … Before training, he would stretch behind the table and say to me ‘Coach, if you do it right, no training?’ I always look at him the same way he looks at someone who says “forget it.” I know that one way or another, he will be able to score. He’s a player who sees angles and possibilities that very few can understand, ”added Carlisle.

It should be noted that the 22-year-old Slovenian player this season has an average of 28.6 points in 49 games he played, still adding 7.9 rebounds and 8.6 assists.

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