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Coronavirus: With Corujo, Baran starts vaccinating residents against Covid-19 at night as well

Coronavirus: With Corujo, Baran starts vaccinating residents against Covid-19 at night as well

Parana Thursday (15) began the Corujão da Vaccinacao campaign, which extends the schedule for the application of the vaccine against Covid-19 until midnight. Immunization began with extended hours at 7 pm and was carried out in 12 municipalities: Campina Grande do Sul; Colombo. Cornelio Procopio; Jacarezino Londrina. Maringa. Moritz. Paranagua. Pine forests; Peraguara, Pontal do Sol and Quattro Paras.

The Chief of Staff, Goto Silva, and the Ministers of Health, Beto Preto, and Urban Development and Public Works, João Carlos Ortega, accompanied the launch of the campaign in Peraguara, at the Villa da Cidadania complex, where they were vaccinated first. Dosage for elderly people over 64 years old.

Goto Silva confirmed that the vaccinated owl is joining the campaign Parana vaccine from Sunday to Sunday To simplify immunization in the state. “The purpose of Corujão is to be able to extend working hours to make people’s lives easier. Paraná is in a hurry and with the support of mayors and municipal secretaries, we have set up meticulous logistics so that we can quickly vaccinate a large portion of the population.

For him, in addition to giving a new rhythm to the vaccination program, Corujão will help reduce the number of people who fail to take the second dose because they cannot or do not have anyone accompany them to the vaccination sites during business hours. Data released by the Health Ministry earlier this week shows that 1.5 million Brazilians are in this situation.

More vaccinations – In Perakwara, the head of the Civic House also informed the government that at 11:30 pm on Thursday, the Ministry of Health sent a new batch of vaccines, most of which were intended for the first doses. We will have a large amount of vaccinations on Saturday and Sunday. The important thing is that all logistics services are activated, and the municipal administrations are ready to receive Parana residents and bring them quickly.

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This was confirmed by Minister of State for Health, Beto Prieto There are 368050 vaccines suspendedAnd 61% is for the first dose. “In a few hours we will receive this new batch and tomorrow we will distribute to the provincial health departments. Once it reaches the municipalities, the vaccines will quickly move into the arms of Paraná, whether during the week, at the weekend or at night.”

Beto Prieto confirmed that the vaccination capacity in Paraná can reach 200,000 doses per day. “We have stomach rooms, municipal teams, needles, syringes. We just need more vaccinations. The whole structure is ready to vaccinate up to 200,000 people from Paraná every day,” he said.

Epidemic treatment – What also followed the launch of Corujão da Vaccinacao in Peraguara was the Minister of State for Urban Development and Public Works, João Carlos Ortega, who defined Corujão as another governmental response to Parana to quickly escape the health crisis and economic loss caused by the crisis.

“It is an innovative procedure by our government, in partnership with the city council, that will accelerate vaccination in the state. This is very important, because a vaccine is a pandemic medicine,” Ortega said.

to me Vaccine Scale From the state department of health, 1,350,397 people from Paraná had received their first dose of the vaccine by the end of Thursday afternoon, which is about 13% of the population.

For an alternative – As in all areas of the state, the Sunday-to-Sunday vaccination strategy has speeded up the vaccination schedule in Peraguara and Mayor Josemar Froes believes Corujão will have the same effect. “Perakwara is one of the most advanced cities in the metropolitan area,” he said.

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Last Sunday, the municipality began serving the 64-year-old crowd and is already planning to reach younger age groups next week, as new doses arrive.

“It is an act of courage for the government to create campaigns to make the days and timetables more flexible, giving more opportunities for people to get vaccinated. What everyone is looking for is a vaccine that is the breath of life at that moment.”