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The man who slapped Macron has been sentenced to four months in prison - current events

The man who slapped Macron has been sentenced to four months in prison – current events

The pictures showed the French president apparently being called by the residents, going to greet several people, when someone pulls him towards him and gives him a hand. slapWithout the security services having time to intervene.

In the aftermath of the attack, two people were arrested, including the perpetrator, a 28-year-old man. The assailant, known as Damien T., lives in Saint-Vallier (a district in the DrĂ´me district) and is described by friends and neighbors as an admirer of medieval history, apolitical and non-violent.

According to Agence France-Presse (AFP), Damien T. He is a follower on several social networks of content that implicitly refers to the far right.

according to WatchmanThe man has now been given a four-month prison sentence and an additional 14-month suspended sentence. Damien was also banned from holding public office for three years and from owning weapons for five years.

to me Le FigaroDuring the two-day hearing, Damien admitted that he “handled a blow to the head of state and uttered words of political disapproval”, as well as being close to the “yellow vest movement” and sharing “right-wing or far-right political beliefs” in being “from any expressed party or activity” .

And about his motives for what happened, the man said that he “acted instinctively and without thinking in expressing his dissatisfaction.”

The other detainee, a friend of the assailant, Arthur C., also 28, who filmed the attack on Macron, will be tried later, in 2022, for illegal possession of weapons.

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