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Capcom at E3 2021 |  Where to watch, what time to start and what to expect

Capcom at E3 2021 | Where to watch, what time to start and what to expect

E3 2021, as digital and depending on the circumstances, promises surprises. The new approach also brought a return to something that hadn’t happened in over a decade. They usually appear next to names like SonyAnd the Microsoft e nintendoThis year, Capcom is introducing a rare show of its own during the event.

Set to take place next Monday (14), the keynote is also shrouded in mystery, as the list of titles the company “brought” to E3 2021 includes only games we already know or even already out of. Of course, it wouldn’t offer any surprises ahead of time, but the company doesn’t speak clearly in the ads either, which leaves plenty of room in the air for speculation and possibilities.

Where to watch Capcom at E3 2021?

The company’s presentation at the fair will take place on Monday, June 14, starting at 6:30 p.m. Brasilia time. Expect 30-40 minutes of news and updates on upcoming titles or game releases that were previously exclusive to other platforms.

The event will be broadcast on E3’s social networks, on the following platforms:

What do you expect from Capcom at E3 2021?

We are talking here about one of the most mysterious and questionable conferences. Officially, the company has already confirmed that there will be seven titles at E3 2021, only two of which have yet to be released. Of course, some are on the way to other platforms, as is the case with Resurrection of ghosts and orcs e Capcom Arcade Stadium, while others have already been released in all of them and raise questions.

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The main thing is to confirm it Resident Evil Village It will be on show. The horror series game was released on the 7th of last May and its announcement quickly got fans to consider additional content. It is worth remembering that his predecessor, RE7, featured on different DLCs and expanded the story and added additional modes, while both versions, not so much; Only reimagining the second game in the series gained something like this. The dice are out and there are a lot of people betting on this as Capcom’s big announcement.

also we have Resident Evil Re: VerseIt’s gone, but it’s due to release this summer in the US — that is, until September. The competitive shooter that didn’t really satisfy the crowd had opened Betas in the first semester, but didn’t come close village, as many expected, and still without expectations of access. E3 might be the right moment to announce.

Among those already known and who should gain news areا Monster Hunter 2: Wings of Ruin Stories e Great Ace Lawyer Records. The first will arrive on July 9 and follow what is already considered one of the best titles of 2021, above, released exclusively on converts. There are also those who say that we will know the versions of both for PC, according to old leaks regarding the Japanese product. The second should receive new photos or videos, in a more traditional continuous posting.

From there we entered the speculative area. If Capcom wants to follow the streak of recent years, we should soon announce the announcement of a new horror series game, keeping the yearly created since 2019. In addition, leaks from the end of last year indicate an evolution from a remake Resident Evil 4In addition to a new sub-chain-like gameسلاسل detection, with both also able to appear at E3 2021.

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We still have a mystery pragmataWhich will be released next year and is about to complete a year of its announcement, without revealing more information. Was this a moment of revelation? In another statement he confirmed that he was not talked about again with us Street Fighter 6 A weaker premise, as the company is still in the middle of the content release cycle for the fifth issue of the fighting franchise.

Also, we can not forget about the eternal dreams of fans of the Japanese company. There is nothing to indicate returns from names like Dino Crisis e power stone, for example, as well as the infinite will of those who have played these perks in the past (which, who knows, might someday be reflected in a new title). Furthermore it, deep down e Dragon Dogma 2Between rumors or denials, some always expect it. What are your hopes for Capcom E3 2021?

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