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The Health Control in Porto Alegre receives doses of the AstraZeneca and Coronavac vaccines

The Health Control in Porto Alegre receives doses of the AstraZeneca and Coronavac vaccines

On Tuesday, employees of the Health Surveillance Directorate (DVS) in Porto Alegre received a new shipment of … Vaccines AstraZeneca / Oxford, from Fucrose (57,980 doses), and Coronovac, from Botantan Institute (4,890 doses). Coronavac / Butantan blockers will be used for the second doses. AstraZeneca vaccines target people with comorbidities, persons with disabilities who are registered, pregnant women and maternal women with comorbidities.

Vaccines were placed in the DVS vaccination room on Avenida Padre Cacique, in the Menino Deus neighborhood, in Porto Alegre. In a quick procedure, employees received vaccinations and attempted to stock up. Vaccines were collected at the State Center for Immunocompetent Storage and Distribution (Ceadi), on Avenida Iberanga, in the eastern part of Porto Alegre, and transported by truck to the DVS headquarters.

The state government’s logistics ensures the rapid distribution of vaccines, which can happen within 24 hours. This week, due to aircraft maintenance, the state government cannot rely on this resource to transport the shots. At Ceadi headquarters, vaccine fees were canceled on Tuesday morning by regional health coordinators in Porto Alegre, Pelotas, Baji, Cachoeira do Sol, Santa Cruz do Sol, Lagido, Osorio, and the Municipal Health Secretariat (SMS) capital.

The municipalities of the Porto Alegre metropolitan area, such as Alvorada, Canoa, Esteo, Gravaye, Montenegro, Novo Hamburgo, São Leopoldo, Sapucaya do Sol, Tacoara and Fiamau removed their immunization devices in the afternoon. Vaccine loads destined for Santa Maria, Palmira das Messes, Paso Fundo and Santo Angelo by truck left Ceadi’s headquarters in the early morning.

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The Ministry of Health stated that it is working on all fronts to ensure compliance with the national vaccination plan against Covid-19. Even with the independence of states and municipalities in the distribution and application of vaccines, the paste warns, in a tripartite administration, the need to follow the instructions coordinated by the Ministry of Health that stipulate vaccination cycles according to Priority groups identified in population studies with the scientific community.

Another clue for the ministry is that people with comorbidities should be invited to be vaccinated according to their ages, from eldest to youngest. The priority setting standard follows the National Immunization Plan (PNI).

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