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Roy Unas shows where he lived for 20 years after visiting his mother

Roy Unas shows where he lived for 20 years after visiting his mother

RUi Unas visited his mom on Monday, May 3, and surprised his followers with a show like this on Instagram.

Besides the rare photos he posted on his social network, the actor recalled the house in which he lived for 20 years with his mother.

“Yesterday, I was not with my mother. There was a short call from“ Mother’s Day. ”The normal thing. But today I went to her house, which has also been my home for 20 years (I stayed a modest second in the Bayvas, Amora),” writing.

“I don’t visit her (her and my dad) as often as I can and should. I don’t hug her as much as I can and should. I don’t talk to her about trivial things that I can have. I don’t know how many times I’ll be with her. I just know that I can and I should do. That’s a lot. Without harm, without vanity, without judgments, reversing the distance that life has given us, ”he said, then dedicating some kind words to the mother.

“Mommy, I like you so much. I know you’ll see this. IG is a new balcony where you see me, as you used to when you were playing in the little square that is now a parking lot. Note: Thank you Mauricio Meirelles for the” eyes open, “he added, Referring to the fact that the father of the Brazilian comedian has been hospitalized due to Covid-19.

Mauricio Meirelles’s father has been hospitalized. This Brazilian comedian, who has been my guest twice on “Maluco,” made a touching reflection on a podcast while inviting (this clip on his IG) about how many times his father would see him live and be of old age Up to 85 years (optimistic). Count 50. It made me think, “added Roy Unas.

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