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The government announces measures;  Local grow-out pens will be possible

The government announces measures; Local grow-out pens will be possible

a The government must approve and announce today, after the cabinet meeting, the New measures for the third stages of the four stages of the deregulation plan. This new phase includes the return of face-to-face lessons in secondary and higher education and the reopening of restaurants, pastry shops, stores and shopping centers.

However, procedures can be reviewed if Portugal exceeds 120 new cases of novel coronavirus infection per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days, or if the transmission index (Rt) of SARS-CoV-2 exceeds 1. Remember that this Wednesday, The transmissibility index (Rt) increased to 1.06 and the incidence ratio to 72.4.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa went to the country yesterday evening, having approved the emergency renewal until April 30. I hope so In the recent state of emergency, the President of the Republic called for an “additional effort” to “make our return impossible.”. However, he did not rule out the possibility of identifying local accommodations.

See maps of the development of the new coronavirus pandemic at Portugal Nor Scientist.

Follow the minutes here for the latest developments on Covid-19:

07h55 – Olympic Games canceled? Japanese politician Toshihiro Nikai admitted that canceling the Tokyo Olympics is still a possibility, especially at a time when the country appears to be experiencing a new wave of the epidemic.

07h45 – Updated data from India: Today India crossed the human rights barrier for the first time 200,000 daily cases of COVID-19A new climax in this second wave of infection in the Asian country.

07h37 – Updated data from Germany: Germany scored on Thursday 29,426 new cases of Covid-19, the worst day since January 12 and the second worst day since the epidemic reached the country. According to the Robert Koch Institute, 293 deaths related to the disease were reported in the same time period, that is, in the past 24 hours.

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07h35 – The risk of infection is much lower in aircraft with a vacant middle seat. here they are Results of a study conducted by the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention And Kansas State University.

07h27 – Today the government is adopting measures for the third phase of deflation. The government is expected to approve new measures today for the third of the four stages of the liquidation plan that includes: Face-to-face return to secondary and higher education classes and reopen restaurants, pastry shops, stores and shopping centers.

07h 17 – Guinea-Bissau increases testing capacity with a new laboratory. The NoLab laboratory of the Portuguese group Quilaban has begun an investigation New Coronavirus Test in Guinea-Bissau, The director general of the laboratory said today, after an agreement was signed with the High Commissioner for Covid-19.

07h 16 – Israel honors the president of Pfizer on Independence Day. On Wednesday, Israel praised Pfizer CEO during Independence Day celebrations, He thanked the partnership that helped the country implement one of the most successful vaccination campaigns The World Against COVID-19.

07h 14 – Argentina extends its mandatory curfew. Dear Argentine President He extended the mandatory curfew announced a week ago and suspended a series of activities, Including face-to-face lessons, until April 30, to avoid saturating COVID-19 patients in hospitals.

07h12 – Regina Duarte receives a second dose of the vaccine. After I received The first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine in three weeksRegina Duarte got her second dose on Wednesday, April 14th.

07h10 – During sleep:

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07h05 – good morning! A new follow-up of the Covid-19 case is now starting. You can remember past events Here.

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