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Google Chrome introduces 90 important security improvements

Google Chrome introduces 90 important security improvements

The Mountain View giant on Wednesday (14) announced a new update to Google Chrome, which highlights security updates and the addition of the AV1 codec locally. We can still count on some improvements in terms of performance and new features.

Google Chrome is better than ever, and this update is already rolling out gradually to all platforms (Android, Windows, Linux, and iOS), and it will be available to everyone over the next few days.

What is new in this enhanced version of Google Chrome?

As I mentioned earlier, security improvements have been made, specifically in URL uploading. Older versions uploaded the URL via HTTP (insecure version) and then uploaded HTTPS (secure version). In this new update, Google Chrome instantly downloads the HTTPS version, that is, the secure version only!

A new AV1 codec has also been added, which was already happening in Mozzila Firefox, which is used for video streaming. This codec provides more compression (30%) and 50% less data compared to VP9. This will be very important for those with a data limit, or “slower” internet speed.

This new codec was developed by Alliance for Open Media It will help those who have slow connections, and the ability to play videos that were not possible before.

AV1 has also been mentioned in a possible addition to the Google Stadia cloud gaming service, as it will make a big difference because it uses a lot of data and has high internet speed rates, which opens the door to many new users.

A new window naming option has been added that can be accessed through:

  1. The menu does the browser
  2. More tools
  3. Window name
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Google has also made page rendering improvements, in those situations it gets a little annoying when starting a page reading and it “goes down” because of the delay in loading an image, it definitely happened to you! In this new version, when you open a page with pictures, the browser will reserve space for it even if it is not loaded, so that you do not suffer from this situation.

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