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The first tabs on Oberstorp. M. Kubaki is the best pole in pre-training.

In the first training session they jumped to the best David Kubaki And Pyotr Yes. They both landed at 101 meters. This gave them sixth and ninth place respectively. Kamil Stoch He was 14th (98m), Jacob Walney 18th (101.5m), Andrzej Stegana 26th (98m), and Clemens Muraska 40th (94.5m).

Wednesday training for Eisenbichler at Oberstorp! The poles are not attracted [ZAPIS RELACJI]

Excellent in German training

குபாக்கி, Shia and Stosh jumped from the eleventh beam, muttered from the twelfth, and Wolney and Muraka from the thirteenth. Marcus Eisenhower won the first training session. The German overtook two Norwegians by 104.5 meters: Marius Lindwick (106.5 meters) and Robert Johansson (103.5 meters).

In the second training session, almost all the best jumpers jumped from the twelfth beam, and Eisenfichler won again at 101.5 meters. Slovenian Anse Lonisek finished second and World Cup captain Norway’s Holver Egner Granerut took third.

Germany Ski Jumping Four MountainsHomeless in Tolisol and Withols. Athletes had to flee to compete in the World Cup

At the poles, he did his best again David Kubaki (98.5 meters) It was seventh. Right behind him Kamil Stoch (97.5 m). Pyotr Shia 12th (98.5m), Jacob Walney 21st (96m), Andrzej Stokana 34th (93m), Clemens Muraka 40th (92.5m).

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