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Oviat, son of Marion Badziok, according to Kiebsky, new chapters

Saomir Sksaniak appears for Marianne’s illegitimate son Janus Patzio “The world according to Kibskis” In the spring of 2019. He has played in many episodes so far.

According to “Super Express” about the death of Rhysard Cottis, who starred for Marion Patzio from the beginning of the series, Sawomir Sksaniak is permanently associated with the cast. After his father dies his protagonist will move into the apartment, where he will be the neighbor to the Kiepsky family title.

New chapters on “Kiepskich according to iawiat” will appear in Polsat this spring. They are not currently on the station schedule for March.

Classifieds in Szczęśniak Trójce, T-rappers and PZL from Vistula

Sawomir Szczęśniak is primarily a journalist, satirist and copywriter. In the 1980s, he worked on Polish Radio 3, and more than a decade later he co-produced the satirical shows aired on DVB2 with “In a Moment, a sequel to the project” (including Chrysstof Matterna, Wojciech Mann and Greyhour Vasovsky) and the “Comic Episode Cycle” “

In the mid-90s, along with Wasovsky, Lucina Malek and Andrzej Badruk, he founded the hip-hop band D-rappers that make fun of the Vistula River, which released six albums. In 2016, T-rappers from the Vistula River Starred in the OLX campaign about safe online shopping, aw ub.r. They recorded for the “Antismoke Song” website.

Szczęśniak has been collaborating with PZL Advertising as a copywriter for many years. In recent years, he has co-created campaigns including Żabka stores (from the “Little Big Store” series) and X-Com, and Łomża beer (about the crowd event). He also appeared in some places produced by the agency: in 2018 Together with footballer Camila Crosci, he advertised Manda TV setsAnd in 2011 – POSAFX brokerage house.

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Rieszard Kotis and Darius Knodowski are dead

Rhysard Cottis Died January 28 this year. At 88 years old. In recent years, despite health problems, he continued to star in “The Kipsky World”, but he has limited his appearances in movies and theatrical performances. She has been playing the role of Marion Badziok since the beginning of the “Kipsky” broadcast in 1999.

October 20 Darius Knodowski died after a corona virus infection, Like Rhysard Cottis, has been associated with the series since 1999. It starred Arnold Bosek.

So far, more than 560 episodes of “The World According to Kiepskis” have been filmed. The previous premiere season aired last spring. In the middle of the year, Bolsat denied information about the series’ end. ATM Group is responsible for its production at the request of the sender.