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The consortium claims to employ 40 additional nurses at Dow Lavis Health Centers

The consortium claims to employ 40 additional nurses at Dow Lavis Health Centers

A leader of the Portuguese Nurses Association (SEP) said today that the ACES congregation needs at least 40 to 50 additional professionals, as there have been many of them, since last year, practically without furlough or furlough.

“What is certain is that these nurses work more hours and hours. We have nurses here who have practically been on leave since last year and have not taken leave. This is what we are dealing with,” Alfredo Gomez noted.

At a press conference, the union leader said, through what they know on the ground, “At least, it takes at least 40 to 50 other nurses hired by ACES Dão Lafões” to join the current 220.

Alfredo Gomez noted that the Ministry of Health “committed itself, as of March 31, to conduct a survey, with institutions, of all needs” present in each ACES.

“We had a meeting on April 6th with ARS [Administração Regional de Saúde] The center who told us, on April 6, after the deadline set by the ministry, had not conducted this survey yet, ”he said.

In this sense, Alfredo Gomez said, “There are contests and commitment through the state budget to accept a thousand more nurses during 2021, half of them in the first semester.”

In April, this data has not yet been collected. We really see how this recognition will take place, and it will be done slowly and at a slow speed and this is what we do not want, because it is urgent, not today, yesterday it was necessary, ”he claimed.

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This official added that the epidemic “only exacerbated the problems and showed public opinion the reasons for the allegations” that the union “has been making since before the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Among the demands, “dissolving gradients, and the issue of allocating points for the purpose of dissolution have not yet been achieved by ARS Centro and ACES Dão Lafões for many nurses”.

“Moreover, what moves us here today is a very important issue, because we are in front of a vaccination center where nurses work and receive [ACES] He confirmed that Dow Lavis was suffering from an acute shortage of nurses.

Alfredo Gómez said that in the region he affects ACES Dão Laf “es. “Two-thirds of the population do not have access to home care, due to a lack of nurses, more than 90% do not have the right to mental health or rehabilitative nursing care, because there are no nurses.”

The press conference was held in front of the vaccination center in Viseu, where Alfredo Gomez said that there is a nurse “who has a profession for 15 years, specializes and was appointed in administrative positions, that is, she leads a team, and remains in.