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Marisa shares her son's health problem: She has an above-normal attention deficit - a boil

Marisa shares her son’s health problem: She has an above-normal attention deficit – a boil

Marisa is proud of her nine-year-old son, Martim, who wrote him a song, Titled “mother”, Which was just launched. However, the Fado singer revealed that this son’s gesture has a more special meaning.

Martim is a very premature baby and premature babies always have great difficulty concentrating. Has an above average attention deficit. I began to notice when he was afraid to go to school. I realized I had a lot of difficulty reading and writingHe started by telling an interview with Cristina Ferrera on ‘Cristina ComVida’.

Given the situation, Marisa decided to seek help. “I decided to bring home a special education teacher, who is also a psychologist, and take Martim to a public school“.

In a short time the fado singer felt a development in Martim. However, I was surprised by the declaration of love.

It never crossed my mind to ask the teacher to help write a letter to the mother. The teacher said that everything is in his head“She revealed, excited.” It is a declaration of love in which he says that my heart and his will will be together forever. As waiting for us was worth it … I decided to sing, not with the intent to be something commercial, but to have a record of me and my son, who will stay with me all my life. “

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