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The case of Daniel Obajtek. The public prosecutor’s office has no CD with recordings of his conversations

According to our findings, the files in the attorney’s office did not contain a CD containing recordings of Daniel Obajtek’s conversations, which could have been important evidence in a case suspected of violating the law.

The CD contained a number of conversations that Daniel Obajtek had in 2009 – still with Picimin – as Simon, an employee of DD Plast. They became popular after the release of the “Gazette Viborxa” posts.

You may ask how Obaztech told Simon. Which companies should they offer, which also determines details such as holidays for sales reps. Records show he can run the company informally, which is against the law prohibiting village leaders and mayors from running a business.

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According to Gazeta Vyborka, Obajtek’s actions were commissioned “from the back seat” by his uncle’s company, Electroplast – D.T.

It was Uncle Roman Liz Krakow submitted a notice to the attorney’s office. Daniel Obajtek, while testifying in court, argued that he was telling the truth about the fact that he did not actually manage a competing company, i.e. he broke Article 233. Criminal Code 1, which carries a jail term of 6 months to 8 years for publishing false statements.

Three links

Daniel Obajtek testified in court as a witness in the trial of “Electroplast” owners Roman and Giuseppe Liz, who are accused of extorting 200,000 slots from EU subsidies.

“I have never been a silent partner of DT Plast. Then 12 or 15 years ago I held shares in this company for a short period of time. When I was already the head of the commune, I could not do any activities. This company” – the court assured Objtech.

Documents held by the editorial office of show that one of the three attachments to the notice submitted to the attorney’s office was a CD.

The second link is a transcript of recorded conversations between Simon and Daniel Obajtek, and in the minutes of the third court session, Daniel Obajtek denied that he was leading the actions of a rival company.

We received unofficial information that a CD containing important evidence in the proceedings was lost from several attorneys in the Krakow attorney’s office.

TVN 24 journalist Adrianna Otraba confirmed in her official response that she was not in the investigation files, said Janus Hanatko, a spokeswoman for the district attorney’s office in Krakw.

– Currently, there is no CD or storage media in the files – the spokesman agreed in an email.

However, when asked (including March 3 and 9) Directly – by phone and email – about what happened to the CD and what action was taken by the administration of the public prosecutor’s office until it disappeared and no answers were released.

“Registration Accepted Confirmed”

– A CD was provided at the time of submission of the notice as stated in the documents. The attorney’s office never asked to fill out the notice, the plate was confirmed – says Roman Liz Jr., the son of the person who submitted the notice.

Eventually, the attorney’s office – in the person of the appraiser Katarsina Misograj of the Krakow District Attorney’s Office – refused to begin the investigation. It happened on November 29, 2016, one month after the announcement.

“Therefore, it must be considered that there is no circumstance to establish the confirmation required by criminal law that an offense has been committed under Section 233 or 1 of the Penal Code in Roman Liz’s declaration,” wrote the evaluator Katarcina Misograj. In his justification.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. According to Janus Hanatko, a spokesman for the attorney general’s office, the refusal to begin the investigation was based on reading the transcripts.

– The notice contained material in the form of transcripts of conversations and copies of court proceedings protocols that were read during the verification proceedings – reads part of the attorney’s spokesman’s response.

We asked the former National Attorney, Attorney Janus Coxsmarek, who was taken today, his opinion on the situation. He admits that he was surprised to find evidence lost in the public prosecutor’s office: Furthermore, ignorance of records equals ignorance of all documents collected. As a result, he says, refusing to start an investigation is at least premature and unsubstantiated.

“I never hide”

After the release of the “Gazette Viborza” records, Daniel Obajtek said in an interview with PAP: – None of these tapes confirm that I have violated the law in any way. I have never hidden the fact that I have been a partner of DT Plast in the past and I know the owners of this company. However, when I was mayor, I never worked for this or any other company. I did not break the law.

Author:Robert Ziliaski, Adrianna Otraba, Magiz Duda

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Key Photo Source: RafaƂ Guz / PAP