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The ball - "that's enough, we're tired!"  (Good view)

The ball – “that’s enough, we’re tired!” (Good view)

Vitor Morta, President of Boavista, did not silence the rebellion nor conceal his dissatisfaction with Andre Narciso’s arbitration in the Rio Ave match (3-3). Pantera He was injured in a row. The leader was highly critical of the letter and left a warning to reconsider much, arguing over the date of the expulsion and the penalties against him.

“The failed attempt to whitewash the unfortunate behavior of the Rio Ave coach served, above all, to distract attention from what happened during the match. Boavista was once again badly damaged, not the first time, nor the second, nor even the third this season. I don’t know what this is for, but I know it cannot continue. Enough, we’re fed up! “Vitor Murta stressed, maintaining a strong accusation tone.

“We again had a player sent off and a penalty kick against him. We are the most disqualified team of the tournament, with the most penalties against them, most of them without any justification … This cannot be an act of chance. In fact, our opponents only sent off a player once, and with Therefore, it was necessary to resort to the video assistant referee and injure Nuno Santos, who had been out of competition for a month. Simply ridiculous, ”he stressed.

“In this match, the double standards used throughout the season were very evident: in the first part, Paulinho was removed with his arm, inside the area, and nothing was indicated; in the second part, it was enough for a rival player in our region to fall, unbalanced, on More likely, due to stronger winds, to set a penalty, in addition to expelling, another one.What was the video assistant referee doing? ”Vitor Morta scored, praising the team’s ability to overcome in the midst of adversity, which was the dismissal of Hamachi.

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“The team is back to show enormous will and character, because only then will they be able to continue resisting all the mishaps that have been their goal throughout the season. In the past few hours I have received messages from several players angry at what happened. What do I tell them? How can I defend a sporting fact in Portugal? Despite everything that has happened, we will not give up, ”he explained, affirming the greatest certainty.

“We will continue to fight together and it will not be these strange situations, let alone something else, that disappoint us. They will take us to the end whatever the cost! »