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Florianopolis flu vaccination schedule starting Monday

Florianopolis flu vaccination schedule starting Monday

Influenza vaccination in Florianópolis This is done by scheduling on WhatsApp with the health team in each neighborhood. Contacts Available on the site City Hall or Alô Saúde Floripa, in 0800 333 3233. The campaign starts on Monday (12) for children, pregnant women, postpartum, indigenous peoples and health professionals.

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In an interview with Morning News Municipal Health Minister Carlos Alberto Justus da Silva clarified on Monday that the elderly, who are currently vaccinated against COVID-19, are entering the second phase, scheduled to begin on May 11. The third phase begins on June 9 for chronic patients, security forces and other professionals.

To avoid clumping, we require an appointment. Since we vaccinate the elderly against Coronavirus and we have to provide a distance between one vaccine and another, about 15 days, we start now with children from six months to one year old, pregnant women, women after childbirth, etc. This vaccination will be carried out inside the health centers – explained Municipal Health Minister.

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Why is the flu vaccine becoming more important with the Covid-19 pandemic

The city’s goal is to vaccinate 170,000 people, but if it doesn’t get that vaccination coverage, it will boost the D-Day flu vaccine.

Our effort to vaccinate these people quickly is because symptoms are often very common between the common flu and the virus – he explained.


The first phase (04/12 to 05/10)

Children from 6 months to less than 6 years old (5 years, 11 months and 29 days); Pregnant women postpartum Indian people health workers;

The second phase (05/11 to 08/06)

Elderly people aged 60 years or over; The teachers are from public and private schools.

The third phase (09/06 to 07/09)

People with chronic non-communicable diseases and other special clinical conditions; People with permanent disabilities; Security and rescue forces and armed forces; Truck drivers. Urban and long-distance public transport workers; Port workers; Prison system personnel; Adolescents and young people between 12 and 21 years of age subject to social and educational measures and population deprived of liberty.

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