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Telegram will allow to schedule voice chats

Telegram will allow to schedule voice chats

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In March of this year, the cable Added Voice chat support channel, An apparent attempt to counter competitors who are betting heavily on the job popularized by the Clubhouse. Now, the platform is investing in another improvement to make the experience more complete and professional.

According to the Testing Catalog, the beta version of the app received an update to allow channel administrators to schedule voice chats. A notification will be sent to the channel for the chosen day and time, marked at the top with a countdown to the start.

(Photo: Operation / Test Catalog)

This is a welcome addition to enabling discussions to be pre-scheduled, allowing for more organization and usability in user engagement. By knowing the exact day and time to start, you can better follow up on conversations.

Besides scheduling support, Telegram also allows you to change the name and profile description in the voice chat window without closing the ongoing conversation. The app now has a link called “Telegram Resources”, which will redirect users to the platform info channel, which is a way to help beginners familiarize themselves with the messaging app.

(Photo: Operation / Test Catalog)

For the time being, the mentioned news is only available in Telegram v7.7.0 beta. There are still no predictions for a new update to be released, but it won’t be long in the future, given the popularity of the audio features.

Sound rooms

The so-called “Voice Chats 2.0” was a feature that improved voice chatting and provided support for Clubhouse-style channels – but unlike the competitor, Telegram is compatible with Android and also has a web version. Modernity made it possible to create voice conversations with an unlimited number of listeners, with the possibility of participation as a spectator or speaker, depending on the desire of the official.

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The other entry was the ability to access rooms as a channel profile, instead of using the administrator’s personal account. Imagine if that Elon Musk You decide to organize a chat circle and need to reveal your phone number to everyone? This is an important function of maintaining the privacy and security of those who manage the channels.

How to schedule Telegram voice chat

Step 1: Update Telegram to v7.7.0

Step 2: Open a channel in which you work as an administrator

Step 3: Click on the channel icon and hit the three dots menu

(Photo: Alveni Lisboa / Canaltech)

The fourth step: Choose “Start Voice Chat” and click “Schedule Voice Chat” at the bottom of the screen

Fifth step: Choose the day and time and confirm.

ready! Your voice chat will be scheduled and start on the scheduled day. If you want, you can expect to get started right away.

Would this be a useful feature for Telegram? what do you think? Leave your opinion in the comments.

Source: Test catalog

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