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Suspects of a racist attack on Tottenham’s son were arrested in the UK

British police announced that they had arrested eight suspects on Friday for racist abuse of the South Korean player Heung-min Son, Act Tottenham. The operation, which began last Sunday after London’s 3-1 defeat by Manchester United, led to the questioning of four other suspects. According to the authorities, the 12 detained men are “suspected of publishing texts, using words, or engaging in behavior inciting racial hatred.” The arrests took place in England and Wales.

Sun was the target of criticism on social media over the controversy surrounding the cancellation of a goal by Edinson Cavani in the first half of that match. Anonymous wrote racist insults on the official account of United, which, after Tottenham opened the investigation, passed the information on to the British authorities.

Inspector Matt Simpson says: “Thanks to the meticulous work of the police, these unknown persons on social media have been identified and found. This measure demonstrates that the British police will not tolerate racial aggression, even when it is committed online.”

In late April, English clubs boycotted social media for three days in protest of racist insults directed at players on the platforms. They are taking action from companies against people who show prejudice.

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