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The Chinese ambassador indirectly gives to Brazil after a slip from the Ministry of Health - the national

The Chinese ambassador indirectly gives to Brazil after a slip from the Ministry of Health – the national

Jair Bolsonaro and Ambassador Yang Wanming: A New Conflict in the Relationship between Brazil and China (Photo: Sergio Lima / AFP)

Chinese Ambassador to Brazil Yang Wanming Mocked them The Ministry of Health on Saturday evening (5/22) via a tweet on Twitter. Philosopher Koncheo was quoted as criticizing the fact that the government did not mention the name of the Asian country in the publication announcing the arrival of inputs for the production of 12 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine against COVID-19.

Wanming wrote: “Confucio said, Made for friends, true to his word.” The text was accompanied by copies of the publication by the Ministry of Health, with an emphasis on “Input from outside”, Without a direct quote from China.

In response to the Chinese ambassador, Minister of Health Marcelo Quiroga wrote: “Yang Wenming, appreciate Always support the Lord at this time of difficult sanitation. The Ministry of Health expects to always have its partnership in this work and in the future. “


This is another chapter in the fragile relationship between Jair Paulson (No party) and Xi Jinping.

Conflicts occur even in a scenario in which Brazil relies entirely on Asian power to receive raw materials to produce vaccines against Covid-19.

CoronaVac and AstraZeneca, the two most widely used immunosuppressants in the country to date, are based on the active pharmaceutical ingredient (IFA) made in China.

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In addition, China and Brazil are, historically, close trade neighbors. Besides Russia, India and South Africa, the group of emerging countries called BRICS is also part of.

The lack of rapprochement between the parties during Bolsonaro nodded former Covid advisor Ernesto Arago pushed the CPI to the Federal Senate.

Although he described the new coronavirus as a “comunavirus” in an article published last year, Aragu denied the targeted attacks on the communist country.

On May 5, President Bolsonaro also cited “chemical warfare” when speaking about the pandemic, clearly referring to the false theory that the virus was created in the laboratory.

He then asked the attendees which country was the most economically developed during the health crisis, linking China to the plot.