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Sony warns of potential problems with payments on the PS Store

Sony warns of potential problems with payments on the PS Store

Sony has it Send notification emails For people with a PlayStation account, it is advised to change the Payment Services Directive in the European Union, which could prevent some users from completing their transactions on the company’s consoles.

“Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) is a new European Union regulation that includes new security requirements for payments. It applies to online companies that accept card payments, including PlayStation Store on the console. It will apply to all European Union countries and will apply to be implemented in phases. “.

It might happen that when requesting a payment as they usually do, the system asks them to enter additional security information, such as a unique password (received on their cell phone) or the answer to a security question.

Banks and other financial credit institutions have adopted measures in phases, which means that during this period, authentication failures may arise that lead to rejection of payments made on consoles, including the PS4 and PS5.

Sony begins by warning that these changes will have a greater impact on credit and debit cards than PayPal and other payment methods, but if it encounters one of these issues, Sony says it is contacting the bank to confirm the reason for the payment being declined. To get around the block, a good option is to access the PlayStation Store From the browser, unlike the console’s original system.

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