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Benfica B Penafiel II La Liga match

Benfica B Penafiel II La Liga match

Game summary

He faced Benfica B and Penafiel in the 30th round of League II At Benfica, in a match alternating in score, they tied 2-2.

The first 45 minutes were discussed at a brisk paceBut the target’s profile dwindled. Benfica B took a better lead and made a thrilling move in the 7 minute, with Umaru Impalo controlling the ball near the Benavedilense penalty area and then making a toxic pass to the finish area, as Cappella’s heart blocked the striker’s shot to the extreme. Henrique Araujo.

The Northern team made a change to the well-tended pitch at Stadium No. 1 on the Benfica campus and identified two dangerous approaches to the goal assigned to Mile Svilar. The Belgian goalkeeper put to the test with Bruno Cesar’s shot in the 32nd minute and responded with Valuable intervention.

After regaining the rookie in the match, Benfica B (60% of possession in the first stage) developed A. Promising step at 37 ‘, And was too close to result: Frimpong crossed to the left and Henrique Araujo nodded in the area but goalkeeper Luis Ribeiro extended and pushed the ball into the corner.

Thiago Juvia

In compensation time (45 ‘+ 1’), Eagles’ best chance to disassemble the void: Henrique Araújo fell to the left and positioned in the direction Thiago JuviaThis, well placed, They shot the bar. In an attempt to reload, Martim Neto kicked his right foot. In the first half: 0-0.

Benfica started the second half with a change in the team: Thomas Araujo left, Raphael Britto entered (Diogo Mendes cut back to the center of defense). And it was … the hands of the new element on the field and the opening goal was born (48 minutes): Raphael Britto made a long throw to the right, a long one, in the area, one of the defenders tried to shake the ball for that area, but the truth is that the ball was at the mercy of Thiago Juvia’s shot, which, this time, did. Do not forgive (1-0).

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Benafiel leveled the scoreboard in the 68th minute: he quickly pushed from the left wing, Simao’s cross quickly and Ronaldo Tavares won the duel in the area, heading to 1-1.

Benafiel leveled the scoreboard in the 68th minute: he quickly pushed from the left wing, Simao’s cross quickly and Ronaldo Tavares won the duel in the area, heading to 1-1. Three minutes later, the shift was over: again, Simao broke through from the left flank and centered, with Pedro Soares finishing, giving visitors the head start (1-2 at 71 ‘).


Jair Tavares, Who played in the 76th minute (as Luis Lopez), made a quick move in the 81st minute, on the left side, and with a right-footed shot in the area, he could have leveled calendar. However, goalkeeper Luis Ribeiro stopped the ball. Benfica B never agreed with the denial, so he, persistently, after a corner on the left, had to initialize the 2-2 Across Louis Lopez, At an appropriate time.

The victory could have tilted the Reds at 90 ‘+ 4’: Jair Tavares crossed in the right measurements, over the left lane, and Henrique Araújo headed with intent, but feet over the bar. Final score: 2-2.

On Sunday, May 2, at 11:15 a.m., young eagles visit the Olivense Stronghold on the 31st.

Nelson Verissimo


Nelson Verissimo (Benfica B coach): “It was a very difficult game, as we had expected, Penafiel with a good team, well directed by Pedro [Ribeiro]. It was a very balanced challenge in the first half, with goal chances for both teams, in the second half we started the match with our goal, which ended up giving us some calm, and then there was a period when the team was a little more than that. Uncomfortable, which was the moment we conceded the first goal and then the second … I want to highlight the reaction our team had in facing the difficulty, trying to search for a result other than defeat. The draw ends with an adaptation to the behavior of the two teams. “

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Luis Lopez (Benfica B striker, “Homem do Jojo”): “A game that was played very well, with chances for both teams … We gave everything until the end, we were safe and we managed to reach a draw. [Sobre o golo marcado] It was a team move, I read the move well, calculated where the ball would be dropped and with a fatal instinct I was able to place the ball there. We knew it would be a very difficult match, against Benafel who is with us at the table and I think the result was fair. “

Thiago Juvia (Benfica B striker): It was a very good match between two very competent teams. It should be noted that we lost and managed to reach a draw, but overall it was a fair result. All the players love to play, at the helm of this club. It’s amazing, to develop here every day is very good But at the moment what matters is the team. I scored a goal, but that was not important or little because the team did not win and that is always the most important thing in a game like this. “

Benfica B Penafil
Benfica Campus (Field No. 1)
Eleven Benfica
Svilar, Joao Ferreira (Fabio Baptista, 61 minutes), Thomas Araujo (Rafael Prieto, 46 ​​minutes), Calica, Frimpong, Diogo Mendes, David Tavares, Martim Neto (Luis Lopez, 76 minutes), Umaru Impalu (Kevin Casoboth, 89 minutes) ), Thiago Juvia (Jair Tavares, 76 minutes) and Henrique Araujo
Carlos Santos, Fabio Baptista (61 minutes), Gonzalo Laurero (Rafael Rodriguez), Rafael Prieto (46 minutes), Cher Nador, Jair Tavares (76 minutes), Kevin Cosoubuth (89 minutes) and Luis Lopez (76 minutes)
At break 0-0
Benfica goals b
Thiago Juvia (48 minutes) Luis Lopez (90 minutes)
Clinical Bulletin
Diogo Capitão (anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction of the left knee after surgery); Pedro Alvaro (muscle injury in the right thigh); Daniel dos Angus (post-case acute myocarditis after COVID-19 infection); Paulo Bernardo (contusion to the right ankle); Pedro Ganshas (injury to the left shoulder joint complex); Ilija Vukotic (muscle injury of the right thigh); Thomas Azevedo (muscle injury of the left thigh); Sandro Cruz (left thigh muscle injury)
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