February 26, 2021

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Ski jumping. Gregor Sclerenzawer season ends

Gregor Sclerenzawer prematurely finished his appearance in the 2020/21 season. The 31-year-old Tyrolean suffered a concussed knee injury in Proterozo last weekend. Doctors’ diagnosis speaks of a partially torn anterior cruciate ligament.

The interval lasts 6-8 weeks, so this is the early end of my season, starting with COVID-19. Last weekend I participated in the Continental Cup, where I failed to telemark the long jump in the test series and won the World Cup series 53 times, hitting 120 meters on the 117-meter track in Thuringia.

– I’m not on the team for the World Cup, but I’m still going to compete in the Continental Cup. On the other hand, I am lucky in misfortune. I don’t really need another cruciate ligament surgery, says Schlerenzawer, who faces preventative treatment.

– It’s up to you to cross your fingers for the team at Oberstarp – Sclerenzawer concludes on his blog, this winter collected 8 points for the overall World Cup rankings, the lowest since their first season 2005/06.

Dominic Formula, source: gregorschlierenzauer.at

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