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Hard times for Bayern and Lewandowski. Conflict with Immobile and his Lazio

Byrne looked like they were directing the energy saving mode for today’s match against Lazio in the 1/8 final of the Champions League, against Indrach. Robert Lewandowski, the Bavarian ace and Polish national team, always puts the interests of the team first in his own case. For me, following Gert Mல்லller’s record is spectacular. “Left” is close, but still far – writes, head of Michał Bia Micoński.

Byrne is tired, weakened by a corona virus attack, and is mentally preparing for the Champions League. For these reasons, he did not live up to Indracht, but finished the next phase of the “Louie” race with 40 goals in the season. There are already 26 of them. To make up for M முller’s incredible record in 1971/72, he must score at least one goal in each of the remaining 12 games and record a hat-trick once. It can be said that a difficult task will be borne not only by the Himalayas-Champions League in the winter, but also by the march struggle to participate in the World Championship, in which we rely heavily on Robert’s performance. But who can do that if he doesn’t?

Gert Mல்லller was the leading footballer when he broke a record – he was 26. He has won the title of highest scorer seven times in total. Interestingly, in the 71/72 season, 15 matches did not hit the net. However, he was impressed with games such as the five-goal Rod-Weiss Oberhausen and the four-time Borussia Dortmund. Four hat-tricks (along with Hamburger, SV, VFL Pocham, Werder and Eintracht) were also his standout achievements.

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Robert has only had four league appearances so far. At 32, if he had managed to catch M முller’s 26-year-old in a tough season, the Covit catch would have been full (for the first time, World Cup qualifiers would close in a year), which would be a big deal.

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In Rome on Tuesday, only one goal was important for “Louis” and his teammates – the quarterfinals of the Champions League. Lazio is not a favorite, but they can buy the surprise we saw at PSG in Barcelona last week.

In the first round of the Champions League group stage the Romanians had already started to get a pass for the 1/8 final, they beat another Bundesliga representative Borussia Dortmund 3-1. Now they will try to use the Bavarians’ staffing issues as well. Injuries to Thomas Mல்லller and Benjamin Boward Corona virus, Costa, Gnabri, Koussi, Nubla, Tillman – The list of those who are not on the Hansi Flick team is really long. In addition, Leon Goretzka and Xavi Maritness, who are new to COVID-19 infection, could not play full time for 90 minutes. Employee problems, coupled with a lack of physical and mental well-being, are Hansie Flick’s lice.

On August 23, the Bavarians won the Champions League. The marathon of the new, crazy season has already started on September 18 and since then they have played 22 matches in the Bundesliga, six matches in the Champions League, two matches in the German Cup, the World Cup, the European Super Cup and club matches. German Super Cup. 34 meetings were very productive – all trophies won. But have we not witnessed the end of the rigors of this winning machine that does not have enough team to replace the outfielders?

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Lazio have 31 games on foot, which is far less of a world tour. It’s not necessary to travel to Budapest for the European Super Cup, or the World Cup Qatar was going to Bayern. Such details can make a difference.

Most football fans rub their hands thinking about the clash of snipers: Zero Immobile – Robert Lewandowski. No one can doubt who won the title of the best footballer of the year. Nonetheless, the rivalry between the two promises to be very interesting, as it was the Italians who took the “Golden Boot” from under Robert’s nose at the end of last season. The trophy for the best goal scorer in the European leagues also went to Immobile because Serie A has four more rounds than the Bundesliga, so the chances of scoring are high.