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SIC |  Summary: Episode 47

SIC | Summary: Episode 47

* Episodes summaries are subject to changes due to the new release

Mariana says Marta works with them at the hotel, and she can always pick her up when she goes on activities. Gustavo is embarrassed but tells them to forget what happened and ends up declaring his love for her. He confirms that Thomas talks to Fatima and that he believes he has not stopped liking her.

Thomas tries to justify himself because he was with Mariana but Fatima says he does not owe him any favors and drives him away. Thomas closes the door and wants her to tell him in the face that she does not like him, and if that is the case, she will not look for him again. The tension between Fatima and Thomas is clear, she wants him to leave. So disappointed to see him, Guilherme leave. Gilherme came to say the idea that he did not have to close Arthur’s case.

Rosalinda kneels by the altar of Nusa Senhora in the village and begs to be with Leonor. Sãozinha is hidden and approaches the altar as soon as Rosalinda leaves. He hesitates to take her flowers, and put the ones he brings with him, but in the end he did not. He apologizes to Guida for telling him about Leonor and asks Raimundo to never return.

Fernando tries to understand if it was his mother who asked her to go after him. Mariana says no and she has already spoken to Vitoria. Fernando freezes, but realizes in the meantime that Mariana has just spoken to vent with her friend and continues to pretend insulted.

Gilherme warns that the judge wants to talk to them. Rosalinda is afraid, but Guilherme is only resting on her. She must be calm and tell the truth. Domingos keeps Leonor’s phone because he’s distracted from his homework.

Aida is worried about how they will pay the Dutch and still have to pay the workers’ wages. Thomas wants to speak to the insurance company.

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Carlotta is disappointed with Fernando because he forgot their wedding anniversary. Fernando does not want to fuel the debate. Mariana thinks her mom is keeping him away. Hortense comments that Mariana has a different beauty.

Elvira asks Paula if she had anything to do with the theft. Paula feels offended. Fatma tells Ivone that Guilherme will request DNA tests on everyone who has been with Arthur.

Hugo and Gueda share in the dating atmosphere, and remember an episode they had because of being obese. Later, Guida wakes up and notices Hugo that he’s not in the room. Guida sees his cell phone but doesn’t have a message from him, he calls, but doesn’t answer.

Nicholas cannot excuse his brother and he shoots his father. Faust is sad, knows he was wrong and asks him not to be upset about him forever. Nicolaou maintains his calm and Fausto ends up leaving, Nicolau with tears in his eyes.

Vitoria could no longer take it and told Salvador that she was in a relationship with Fernando. Salvador is confused, he does not know what to say. Vitoria knows the risks but is happy. Jacinta believes that Salvador is with Vittoria.

Noticing something was wrong with her birth control pills, Mariana counted the pills and remembers what Hortense had said about her having a different beauty. Mariana tells her father that she wants to buy a gift for her mother, but he says he treats her.

Guilherme tries to seem calm. An officer comes to see if everyone has arrived and says they can’t wait any longer. Guilherme calls and pretends to speak to Domingos, concludes that there is a medical emergency and postpones the hearing. Domingos asks Yvonne to obtain two medical certificates for the loss of court. Yvonne refuses to pass certificates and advises him that this is not how he will solve Leonor’s problem.

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