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Fearful acknowledges the "community transition" of the Indian species in Portugal - health

Fearful acknowledges the “community transition” of the Indian species in Portugal – health

Six cases of the variant from India have already been identified in Portugal, resulting from at least three different introductions into the country. Marta Temido explains that, among the injured, “some are Portuguese who do not have a known recent travel history yet, which may indicate community transmission.”

“We know that the variables are one of the complexities of this current, new reality. [Elas] It is always present, and the question is what brings us in terms of the possibility of aggression. “We know today what effect the British alternative will have in Portugal as well,” the health minister told reporters at the end of the Infarmed meeting.

At a meeting this morning, João Paulo Gomez, of the Ricardo Jorge Institute, confirmed that the British surrogate was already responsible for about 90% of the new infections. Regarding the Manaus variant, with 73 cases already detected (44 in the past two weeks), the expert warned that the spread of the disease appears to be increasing as a result of the gradual opening of the borders in Portugal and across Europe.

When asked about the government’s strategy regarding borders, Marta Timido began by reminding that the executive authority had “sought a coordinated approach” in the European context, but then warned that “only when we are able to solve Covid-19 in all regions of the world will we be.” Are effectively protected, and therefore, border management will continue. “

Imprisonment may include neighboring counties

Without wanting to anticipate the President’s decision on the possibility of not renewing the state of emergency – Marcelo hears the parties in the afternoon and night he will reach the country – and does not confirm that the fourth phase of the contraction is progressing until the next day. On Monday, May 3, the minister acknowledged, however, that “the epidemiological situation is favorable”.

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“The results are the result of the tremendous effort of the Portuguese. (…) We must not forget that no matter what accumulated fatigue, it is still necessary to continue fighting the epidemic because it is not old. The teeth and continue forward.”

On April 19, seven municipalities had not progressed to the third phase, which included the reopening of shopping malls and interior space for restaurants. Four even retreated to the first stage, given a 14-day incidence of more than 250 cases per 100,000 population and a high risk of transmission (Rt). What will happen in the coming weeks? Will the restrictions on municipalities continue or extend to neighboring provinces, as experts suggest?

The Minister of Health indicated that the dates announced at the beginning were always “indicative only” and that “the context of the different regions will be analyzed at all times.” He warned that “we are thinking about the municipal dimension, but there is no obstacle in front of us in another geography,” promising only that they will be “proportionate measures.”

At a time when “the state is in control of the epidemic, but it is imperative to continue to compensate for the increase in communication and portability,” in the words of the owner of the Health Portfolio, there is talk once again about the possibility of interrupting meetings in this way at Infarmed headquarters. If so, he has devalued Marta Temido, ensuring that he will keep the information flowing with the parties and social partners who usually attend these meetings.

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