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SIC Notes |  A woman who did not know she was pregnant gave birth in the middle of the flight

SIC Notes | A woman who did not know she was pregnant gave birth in the middle of the flight

She gave birth to a woman, not knowing she was pregnant, last week on a flight from Salt Lake City to Honolulu, Hawaii.

The premature birth was with the help of not only a doctor, but also three nurses who were on the flight.

He cited it CNNDoctor Dale Glenn explained that in the middle of the trip, there was an emergency call and that he thought it was normal, because he had been through something like this before. “But this call was not like the others and it seemed very urgent.”

After alerting a flight attendant, a Hawaiian Pacific Health family doctor learned that a woman was giving birth.

But the doctor alone was not willing to help. Three nurses at a North Kansas City hospital also took action.

Her mother, Lavinia Munja, gave birth to a baby named Raymond during her trip to Hawaii, where she was on vacation with her family.

According to CNN, the woman did not know she was pregnant and gave birth at 29 weeks.

I spent the rest of the Delta Air Lines flight with the doctor and nurses looking after both Lavinia and Raymond. The team of health professionals improvised with existing equipment and were able to keep mother and son stable for the rest of the trip.

The team used straps to tie the umbilical cord, warm the newborn with bottles heated in the microwave, and at one point, they used the Apple Watch to monitor the baby’s heartbeat.

The flight took another three hours to land in Honolulu, with the mother and son later taken to a city hospital.

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