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iPhone 13 Pro Max: Here's the Best Glimpse of the New Apple Smartphone (Video)

iPhone 13 Pro Max: Here’s the Best Glimpse of the New Apple Smartphone (Video)

As the launch of the new iPhone 13 approaches, leaks and rumors are increasingly consistent. The evidence for this is the most recent Stupid Or the mold that appeared in a video depicting the upcoming iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The video was shared by Unbox Therapy, giving us our best glimpse yet of Apple’s next peak in the range. As the person in charge of this channel indicates, it is a mold very close to the final product, even in weight.

The lower notch and larger cameras are confirmed in this video

The model we see in the video above is built on the charts that are already traded in regular media. These have reached a level of consistency that really gives us a great deal of confidence that the design of the new Apple smartphones has already been completed.

This confirms two changes that will not go unnoticed. The first is to reduce the notch size on the iPhone 13 Pro Max screen. Keep track of what’s shown in the video above, even though the screen isn’t connected.

It should be noted that this drop in the notch will be a crossover for all models that will integrate the iPhone 13 line. What we see in the model that the video shows us will be repeated in the remaining models that will be presented by Apple in September.

The second big news of this iPhone 13 Pro Max is the size of its cameras. We soon realized that the lenses in this unit were much larger than its predecessor, the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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The larger sensors are expected to mean better quality images captured with this camera. We do not yet know whether all models in this line of equipment will have new sensors or if they will, again, be a unique feature of the most expensive model.

Although the overall design of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is very similar to that of its predecessor, the new model will be slightly thicker. This could be the result of new sensors or even the inclusion of a larger battery.

The official presentation of the iPhone 13 will take place in September. Until then, we have to rely on rumors and images emerging to get a look at what Apple is preparing for its new products.

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