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SIC Notes |  A penalty shootout at a Tennessee school kills one person and injures another

SIC Notes | A penalty shootout at a Tennessee school kills one person and injures another

Police sources said that a shooting at a school in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA, on Monday, resulted in the death and injury of one person, and said that the place was safe and no more casualties were recorded.

Local police said, via a message on Twitter, that authorities have been summoned to Austin East Magent High School after a complaint was filed about the presence of an armed man in the building.

The French news agency reported that “shots were fired when the police approached the suspect,” adding that a police officer was wounded, but he would be safe from danger.

The authorities added that a man died at the scene while another was arrested for “further investigation”, without disclosing whether the victim was a suspect.

The Mayor of Knoxville, India Kincon, told the local press that the police officer shot “with consciousness”.

The gunner or the motive remain unknown.

Local is considered safe

According to the Associated Press, the shooting did not result in more casualties and the place was already considered safe by the authorities, following the warning at around 15:15 (21:15 in Lisbon).

The headmaster of Knox County Schools confirmed on Twitter that there had been shooting but the building was safe.

“The place was protected, and students who were not involved in the accident were allowed to go to their families,” the Associated Press quoted Boom Thomas as saying.

Wade Payne

A space was opened for families on a baseball field next to the school, explained to the police in that southern US city of nearly 180,000 people.

This school was the subject of media reports in February after three students were shot dead within three weeks.

The Knoxville News Sentinel reported that these incidents did not occur in a school environment and officials referred to the school as a safe place for students.

Shooting in the United States

School shootings have been a frequent disaster in the United States since the April 1999 massacre in Columbine, Colorado.

He considered this phenomenon an “epidemic”. US President Joe Biden last week issued measures aimed at curbing the spread of firearms in that country.

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