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Microsoft Nuance compra empresa tecnologia

Microsoft has bought the company, Nuance, which is dedicated to artificial intelligence

Microsoft is one of the few technology companies that can reach the market and buy the companies that need it. The history of the acquisition is well known and over the years it has amassed the services and applications that integrate it into its structure.

The software giant just announced that it has reached an agreement with another company, which will incorporate it into its structure. He will buy the well-known Nuance, a company devoted to artificial intelligence and wants to use it to improve much of its offerings in the market.

Another big purchase from Microsoft

In recent years, Microsoft has been present in all major purchases in the tech world. As a rule, it has managed to acquire the companies that need it to improve its services and ensure the best tools for its users.

Now, it is the same company I showed, They would have reached an agreement to purchase Nuance. In total, there will be $ 19.7 billion that you pay to access all of the technologies this company has pioneered. Over the years, there have been many areas in which I have invested.

Nuance will provide its technology

For Microsoft, this purchase is another important step. It wants to integrate Nuance technology and thus develop its cloud services, especially this component in the health field. These two companies already collaborated in 2019 on a project to digitize medical data.

This has yet to be confirmed by the regulatory authorities, which should happen by the end of the year. If this purchase materializes, it will be Microsoft's second largest company. In 2016, the software giant bought the social media network LinkedIn for $ 26 billion.

Microsoft Nuance buys a technology company

A purchase focused on improving Microsoft's offerings

Nuance is a company dedicated to artificial intelligence and well-known products. He was the creator of the Swype Keyboard and it was its technology that fueled the creation of Apple Siri. Of course, there is another text recognition program, like Dragon.

There is still a long way to go to make this purchase official, but everything appears to be settled between the two companies. This should be incorporated into Microsoft's architecture and all of its technologies will certainly be used to increase the software giant's offer further.

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