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Serie A: AC Milan – Napoli. Ziliasky helped. Results and competition results

  • Assouri took the lead early in the second half. After Piotr Jiliaski did perfectly, the guests were led by Matteo Politavo
  • Pole left the field in the 75th minute. Elif Elmas changed it
  • In the end, Rosoneri may have had a better chance of equalizing, but after examining the VAR, the referee decided not to order a penalty kick.
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Analyzing the recent match history of both teams, it is hard to believe that there were some great seasons behind Azzurri. Rosoneri has not appeared for Napoli since August 2018. Pyotr Jiliaski, who then scored two goals, should have remembered this match particularly well. The next five matches (four in Serie A, one in the Italian Cup) were won by Milan or ended in a draw.

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Despite the defeats of the last few dozen months, Gennaro Kutuzov’s team went to work for the attack. Trees Mertens started shooting, but Gianluigi Donorumma had no problem catching the ball. It was a little more dangerous in the 14th minute. Lorenzo Insane found a place to shoot his opponent below sixteen. The effort did not impress the Rosoneri goalkeeper either.

A moment later Pyotr Giliuski showed himself well. After Giovanni de Lorenzo’s accurate pass, the pole hit the right post from the air. The 22-year-old stretched like a string and was able to win back with his signature gestures. The footballer, who was born in Ząbkowice ląskie, was not going to leave the Italians and attacked again in the 29th minute. After being shot by the left foot from the fourteenth meter, the ball flew near the right post.

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The hosts created a very dangerous situation in the 33rd minute. Samuel Castilejo played with Rafael Leo, who collided from outside the penalty area. David Ospina defended the effort in installments, without problems. Milan continued to try, but the safety of the spectators was too cautious ahead for the Portuguese.

The beginning of the second edition was perfect for Assyria. Pyotr Jiliaski took the ball across the field, then he found Matteo Politano and worked brilliantly with a flat pass. The 27-year-old took advantage of the pace, but instead pushed her into the net on the left post by a moderate strike. Donarumma could not reach the ball this time and angrily threw it out of the net.

The pole went back to Politano in the 58th minute. After an accurate cross from Italy, this time he picked up the ball unnecessarily. It jumped back and one of the guards was able to dismiss the threat. Within 60 seconds, Donorumma had to save his team from losing a second goal. Fabian Ruiz attacked very hard from a dozen or more meters, and after defending the goalkeeper, he wanted to recover himself by trying again. However, Diego Talot blocked the Spaniards well.

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Milan wanted to respond with Rafael Leo, but the striker missed from close range without hitting the target. Pyotr Jiliaski left the field in the 75th minute. Elif Elmas replaced the assistant teacher for Politano’s goal. Gennaro Kattuso decided to do another castration, which would drop the defense. Rosenori doesn’t have much room to create offensive action.

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The outcome of the meeting turned out to be very exciting, especially due to an incident. Pacquiao said the hosts hit Hernandez’s legs in the penalty area. However, after approaching the monitor, the arbitrator decided that it was not an offense to qualify for eleven. In extra time, Andre Repic saw a red card for making a blind comment on the referee.

Milan’s advantage is six points lower than its direct rival from the 27th round. Inter Milan have an advantage of 9 “points” over their local rivals and are confident of advancing to the Italian Championship. Napoli is in fifth place. A.S., who lost 0-2 to Burma on Sunday. Gennaro Katuzo’s side were in balance with Roma.

AC Milan – SSC Napoli 0: 1 (0: 0)

Bramkey: Matteo Politano (49)

Yellow cards: Theo Hernandez – Nikola Maximovic, Giovanni de Lorenzo

Red Card: Andy Repik

AC Milan: Gianluigi Donarumma – Diono Dolot, Matteo Cabia, Figo Domori, Theo Hernandez – Samuel Castillejo (60 Alexis Salemakers), Sandro Donali, Hagan Calhanoclu (60 Brahim Dios), 67

Naples: David Ospina – Giovanni de Lorenzo, Nicola Maximovic, Kalido Calypoli, Elseid Hijage – Matteo Politano (80 Mario Rui), Fabian Ruiz, Piotr Giliaski (75 Elif Elmas), Diego Demcio (80 Tymo)