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Daniel Obajtek. Wojciech Maksimovich has called for the resignation of the leader of the PKN Arlan

According to the “Gazette Viborza”, only 6.9 thousand. PLN instead of 12.5 thousand. The president of Arlene paid for a square meter in 2018 of a 187-meter apartment in a luxurious Warsaw garden. In the same year, Arlan became a supporter of the developer’s football project. The professor commented on the matter. Wojciech Maximovich (contract, KP Pies) and Markin Kierwiszki (PO). – The situation was a bit like when I was on the Civic platform. I warned in 2013 that the party was deteriorating and was beginning to think only of itself, its activists and the people. Sounds like this: Professor, you can lecture your students, we have our own minds. Elections failed because of this – Maximovich commented. As he stressed, “Voters expect ‘no mercy’ in dubious situations.” – As a citizen, I expect a similar move (Daniel Obajtek will resign – Editor’s note) and above all, a very in-depth testing process, not a defense. I do not know him directly, but I know the prices of apartments in Warsaw, and what I heard raises my doubts – said Maximovich. “Obajtek’s resignation should be immediate,” said Markin Kierwiski. – The pathology of the Bais state is growing more and more – MP.

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