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Sentenced by Kamil Durksok. There is a verdict in the alcohol conflict investigation

The journalist is also not allowed to drive for 5 years and has to pay Rs 30,000. PLN to Justice Fund. Judgment is not final. Turkshok did not appear in court when the sentence was pronounced.

Turquoise case. Prosecution charges

The prosecutor’s office charged the journalist with driving under the influence of alcohol and causing an immediate accident in a land traffic accident.

At a trial in Pyotrco court since January this year, Turkshok (who agreed to give his name) admitted to driving after drinking alcohol; However, he did not acknowledge that his behavior posed an immediate risk of a catastrophe in land transport.

In the explanations of the trial read out by the court, the journalist explained that July 2019 was going through a difficult period in his personal and professional career. To relax, he went to the Hell Peninsula, where – as he said – he drank a lot of wine. In the evenings and nights before he returned, he drank white wine, beer and whiskey. In the morning he drank a big beer and a nice deal in the second big mug. Later, with a woman, he set off as a driver on his way to Katowice. In his blood, one milligram of alcohol 2.9 was found, as well as traces of substances that were components of psychotropic, angiolytic and anesthetic.

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According to the state prosecutor’s office, Turkshok was drunk and traveled 370 kilometers on a motorway at an average speed of 140 km per hour. The moment he lost control of the vehicle and hit the cones separating the stop lane, he was driving at a speed of 96 km / h and at this point the speed limit was 70 km / h.

– Today I understand with all sharpness and clarity how indescribable and unjustifiable this phenomenon is. It simply shouldn’t have happened, but it did. I have to pay a fine for what I have done, I have to pay for it, I stand before the High Court with full awareness that I will bear this sentence – said the former head of Facto of TVN.

In the parties’ final speech, attorney Anna Mosour pleaded guilty and asked for a 2.5-year prison sentence and a 7-year ban for driving and paying 50,000 slots. PLN to Justice Fund.

Turkshok’s defense attorney, பாதுகாப்புukasz Isenko, did not question the guilt of the perpetrator who drove under the influence of alcohol. However, he questioned – based on the opinion of experts – that there is a threat of catastrophe in land transport. The offense is punishable by up to 12 years in prison.

At the end of July 2019, the journalist, who had 2.9% alcohol in his blood, took part in a collision on the updated section of National Road No. 1 near Pyotrkov Tripunalsky. He drove a BMW in the direction of Katowice and ran over the cones that separated the lanes. One of the posts collided with an oncoming car. No one involved in the conflict was harmed.

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Source: Onet, BAP