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Kode and Joniak did not report the clergy being abused. Notice to the Attorney’s Office regarding pedophilia

Notice received Attorney’s Office w GdañskuIt involved Archbishop Savoj Lessek Kode and Bishop Edward Joniak, former mayors of Gdańsk. It is about unannounced cases of sexual abuse against persons under 15 years of age. After examining the documents, the cases will be transferred to the appropriate sections under the Regional Attorney’s Office in Gdańsk – the State Attorney’s Office said.

The clergy were punished by the Vatican on Monday for covering up sexual abuse in their dioceses. They received a ban on participating in any public religious celebrations and an order to leave their current dioceses.

On Tuesday, Poland’s chief minister, Vojciech Pollock, announced that the church wanted to cooperate with the state commission for pedophilia. – A specific call to me to conduct all the things entrusted to me more reliably – said Wojciech Pollock fined former bishops.

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HOSAUNIA: I am a supporter of the need for the government to resolve the Catholic Church with the utmost seriousness and credibility.

The Legion of Christ has published a new report on pedophilia among the clergy

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