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Season 3 of Call of Duty Mobile will feature the Samurai

Players Call of Duty: Mobile, get ready! Season 3 of the game will take you straight to Tokyo to experience the samurai code. Tokyo Escape will have a lot of new features, including a new multiplayer mode called Sword and Stone, as well as two new maps: Oasis and Coastal.

The player will also be able to win two completely new epic weapons: PP19 Bizon – Yokai or QXR – Scorching Sun, aside from the 50 bonus levels in this season’s battle pass, which feature samurai-themed characters, weapons, and more.

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Watch the season trailer, arriving on Friday (16) at 21: 00h:

Check out more news of the new season:

New maps

oasis Introduced in Modern Warfare 3 for the first time, it’s taking place in a luxury desert themed hotel this season.

coastal – It’s a new map, specially designed for the mobile version game, in addition to being built for Search and Destroy mode.

Battle Royale (updates)

Skill operator / Bull Charge Captured upon reaching Step 14 of the New Battle Pass. Ability is riot shield.

Classe BR / spotter – New Battle Royale class will be available through an event soon.

New multiplayer modes

Night Mode 2.0 – An improved version of the night mode, which will be available from April 22-28

Sword and stone – Mode brings players back to basics using only melee weapons. It will only be available in May.

The new map features drops that transform into Shadow Blade or Molotov Cocktail Scorestreaks, and more.

Evento marquee

It will start on April 29th, with the samurai theme. It will also allow players to join the Five Knights or UAC to complete daily missions and earn rewards. It will be available in a multiplayer game and in Battle Royale. Call of Duty is available for iOS and Android.

Via: Nicole Pereira / IGN Brasil
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