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Rio Grande do Sul publishes a list of those who need to take their second dose

Rio Grande do Sul publishes a list of those who need to take their second dose

To help search for people who did not receive a second dose of the immune system against COVID-19, the Rio Grande do Sul Health Secretariat (SES) made available to 18 regional health coordinators the names of 101,000 citizens they should have already obtained. Vaccinate. The data may be passed on by the coordinators to the municipality watchdog responsible for local vaccination.

Reports of missing persons are generated based on data reported by municipalities themselves to SI-PNI (National Immunization Program Information System) however, to simplify the immunization process, SES already provides standardized information.

Active search can be conducted in the municipalities through FHS (Family Health Strategy Teams) agents. According to the 18th Regional Health Coordinator, Janet Ferry Teixeira, “The coordinator is already reaching the committee provided by the state, the epidemiological monitoring is in contact with the municipalities, and directing active research and disclosure with the aim of raising awareness. About the importance of the second dose.”

State Health Minister Arita Bergman is highlighting the need for municipalities to update records and for people to check the return date in the vaccination booklet. “It is essential for those who have already taken the first dose to return to the sites in time to receive a booster dose and complete the vaccination schedule,” he explains.

According to data from Rio Grande do Sul, there are currently 320,000 people in time for a second dose in the state.