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Even for a recurring TV series you lose.  Christina Ferrera's amazing audience on her TVI - Actualidade evening show

Even for a recurring TV series you lose. Christina Ferrera’s amazing audience on her TVI – Actualidade evening show

“Cristina ComVida” on Thursday afternoon achieved a share (the number of viewers of the program on time, compared to its competition) of just over half a million viewers (537 thousand). Another 200,000 brought together “Gordo” contestant Fernando Mendes, who arrived with “O Preço Certo” at 572,000 at the same time, and even “Viver a Vida”, the alternative soap from SIC, which reached 712,000.

Christina decided to do a more introspective program, with attentive guests. The result was not the best. About 200,000 spectators have fallen since the previous day, when they reached 720,000 more than usual, with guests such as Gisela João and Joanna Barrios.

Christina Ferrera appears as a bikini in Dubai

The truth is that it was not easy to find a program template that satisfied everyone and that alanvanque, as Cristina would like, is hitting prime time on TVI. It is noteworthy that the announcer’s will is to have Pedro Teixeira by his side, to bring back the duo from the past on TVI, before the competition. However, this has not yet been possible due to the rapid pace of recordings for the “Festa é Festa” TV series, scheduled to premiere later this month, with Teixeira being the protagonist.

Although the results are not as desirable, the presenter continued to believe in the project and left, only yesterday, a message about her work at the station.

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