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Rio Grande do Sul finds UK variant of corona virus in Pelotas

Rio Grande do Sul finds UK variant of corona virus in Pelotas

The Rio Grande do Sulin State Health Monitoring Center (CEVS) confirmed this Friday (16), Presence of corona virus variant B.1.1.7 from the United Kingdom, In Particles, In the southern region of the state. According to the Corona virus genetic bulletin, the strain of the United Kingdom is known for its high prevalence, in addition to the severity of the disease.

Only one pattern of this strain was identified. According to the agency, it was collected on February 25 by a person with no travel history.

  • The study says there is a higher mortality rate in the British variant of the new corona virus

The CEVS investigation did not show the patient’s relationship with anyone who had traveled to a European country. According to Richard Steiner Salvado, a health expert at the Central State Laboratory (LASON), studies are being conducted to check the social prevalence of the British strain.

“More and more samples from the region will be deployed to understand whether this is about an isolated case or a social exchange, when there is already an exchange between people in the same place,” he said.

  • Button says Coronavac is effective against three types of corona virus in circulation in the country.

A Existing strain RS is present in samples collected among patients B.1, identified in Manas. CEVS studies have already identified 22 different types in the state.

Genetic sequencing is carried out by a number of laboratories, including Lausanne and Fவville University in the RS, institutions such as the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation in Rio de Janeiro, and the Esqual Dias Foundation from Minas Gerais.

UK variant identified in Pelottas – Photo: Getty Images via BBC