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Reveal what William and Harry had to say to each other at grandfather's funeral

Reveal what William and Harry had to say to each other at grandfather’s funeral

a Prince William told his brother Prince Harry during his grandfather’s funeral that the party was “great,” and he replied, “What he wanted.”

The information was revealed by lip-reading experts, the Daily Express noted.

The two princes were seen talking for a few minutes during Philip’s farewell to Edinburgh, and of course the conversation sparked the curiosity of fans of the British monarchy.

“A very cool party, oh, the music”, Kate Middleton’s husband is also mentioned.

The international press also reported that after the farewell, Harry and William spent two hours talking (off camera) with encouragement from their father Prince Carlos, who was also present at this time.

An important step in the reconciliation of the brothers who have not seen each other in person since Harry and his wife Megan Markle stopped living in the UK a year ago and now live in the US, and more specifically in California.

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