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North with reserves for May between 30% and 40% and June above 50%

North with reserves for May between 30% and 40% and June above 50%

TPNP President Luis Pedro Martins said on the sidelines of an initiative at a restaurant in Matosinhos, in the Porto region, to celebrate the entrance to the restaurant sector in the third phase of the government’s disassembly plan. Lusa noted that the hotel sector is already beginning to recover, with reserves booked for May and June between 30 and 50%.

“There are already reservations. Reserves are starting to come out, for the month of May, in particular, there are already a lot of bookings. Talking to the operators and talking to the hoteliers, we have May already with interesting bookings. Some of them.” [hotéis] Already about 30% to 40%, and if we go to June it is already above 50%. “

However, Luis Pedro Martins stressed that TPNP is working on countering what happened in the summer of 2020, when hotel reservations were outside of cities.

“What we want is to face what happened last year [2020]Major cities suffered a heavy loss [de turistas] It is from us [TPNP] We want to communicate the major cities more, and to present arguments to tourists that our big cities are still very far from what is happening in other cities such as Barcelona, ​​Paris, London or others, which we compare with, “he explained.

Luis Pedro Martins regrets that he has not yet been able to receive tourists from the long-distance markets.

“Once again we will campaign for the national tourists in the first place. (…) Then we will attack the first market sent to us, which is Spain and the others in the neighborhood, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.”

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Luis Pedro Martins adds, however, that the recent opening of the UK, USA and Brazil markets allows us to believe that “some interesting results” can already be seen, as they are very important markets to the Douro and the companies that operate in the Douro River.

“Douro already has many reservation requests, and they choose Douro on the Danube or the Rhine. But it is imperative that they can travel here,” he warns.

The government’s plan to dismantle the missiles expects four phases. Two phases have already been implemented on March 15 and April 5, with the next phase scheduled for today and the last for May 3.

The Covid-19 pandemic has killed at least 298,7891 people around the world, resulting in more than 139 million cases, according to a report issued by Agence France-Presse.

According to the bulletin issued today, Portugal has already recorded 831221 confirmed cases and 16,946 deaths since the beginning of the outbreak.

The disease is transmitted by a new corona virus, which was discovered in late 2019 in Wuhan, central China.

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