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Report on the origin of the corona virus today. If not from a market in Wuhan, where?

The WHO is preparing an international expert report on the origin of the corona virus in Geneva on Tuesday afternoon. According to the mission, the head of the WHO has already revealed that the virus spread from bats to humans via an indirect vector, but further investigation into the matter is needed. Although 16 months have passed since the first known infections, the carrier has not been identified. Chinese authorities have long distanced themselves from the theory that the primary focus of infection is the Wuhan food market. Recently the RMF. Although the team at the White House has been transformed, the origin of the virus that causes Covit-19 disease remains a matter of controversy between the United States and China.

Mission member Peter Dassak agreed on the same NBC plan “60 Minutes” that all of their intermediaries were constantly with representatives of the Chinese government. However, including the scientists who believe that the panel answers are credible and that there is no reason to trust the interviewers Virology Laboratory in Wuhan. According to him, it is easy to distinguish when experts give “political” and “scientific” answers.

Peter Dassak said the panel had a definitive answer to the question of whether it had undergone post-laboratory testing. An epidemic broke out. “Did you find anything? No. Did you check the staff? Yes” – Peter Dassak reported the course of the interviews. When asked by the program leader if the plan trusts the Chinese, he replied: “What should we do?”

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In a recent conversation with Michael Ziliaski, The author of the podcast is Big Money Big World, Jamie Metzl, an adviser to the WHO’s chairman and a former ally of Bill Clinton and Joe Biden, pointed out that Peter Tossk’s EgoHealth Alliance has collaborated with Wuhan Laboratory for many years on virus research, and that this objective can only work within the framework in China. Formed by Chinese authorities.

Jamie Metsl mentioned it in an interview with “60 Minutes.” During their two-week stay in China, the laboratory spent 3 hours in the laboratory without requesting access to the samples, as, according to the Chinese government’s findings with the WHO, it has no right to do so.. According to him, this task was forced to believe the findings of the Chinese investigation, so it was left to announce the results similar to the findings of the Chinese investigation. According to Jamie Mets, this is like allowing the Russians to drive International inquiry into the Chernobyl disaster.

In early March, in an interview with RMF FM, Jamie Metzl spoke about this task: They had two weeks to arrange a supervised visit for them, during which time they did not have access to all the materials they needed, while the Chinese scientists who came with them were constantly monitored by Chinese authorities. Two weeks later, they prepared a joint statement with Chinese officials, which highlighted what the Chinese government had prepared.

According to most scientists who speak in public, there is no reason to consider it Govt 19 virus Is the result of laboratory manipulation. At the same time, experts point to the history of mankind, which had many epidemics, beginning with the spread of viruses from animals, and then Rapid spread of pathogens among humans.

In an interview with Jamie Metsl Michael Giliuski, you can hear it in full on his podcast Big money big world, Admitted in early March, should be considered that the virus spread from humans to bats via other animals. However, he pointed it out in this interview It has been more than a year since the epidemic broke out and there is no evidence of this. At the same time, a large number of symptoms, at least most importantly, indicate that the most probable cause of infection is a laboratory accident. – He argued and asked: Why, in all the cities around the world, this epidemic broke out Wuhan, China has a fourth-tier virology lab with the world’s largest bad corona viruses, and it was obtained from a sample 1,000 miles away in the south in 2013, where local miners contracted the disease, which was almost identical to the cobra, a year ago. Which of the following samples contains the closest genetic material to those known for the SARS-CoV-2 virus? – He added.

A few days ago, CDC Robert Redfield, former head of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, made similar comments in an interview with CNN. He said he did not believe it Corona virus It went from bat to man and “became very contagious from man to man”.

Anthony Fucci, Joe Biden’s medical adviser and longtime director of the U.S. National Allergy and Infectious Diseases, commented that most officials do not share Robert Redfield’s opinion.

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For many years, the company was one of the few American companies to fund virus research conducted by the Peter Dassack organization with the help of a laboratory in Wuhan. According to Wuhan’s official data, these works include functional procedures for transforming animal viruses to test their potential to infect humans, among others.

Donald Trump’s team before they leave the White House He blatantly accused China of hiding the truth about the epidemic. According to these allegations, in the fall of 2019 there was an infection among the workers at Wuhan Laboratory. Mike Pompeo, the former head of US diplomacy, said the United States had “strong evidence” that the virus had appeared in a laboratory, but provided no evidence.

Joe Biden’s team did not repeat this theory, but did not. Recently, the White House issued a statement calling for the “deep concern” of the investigation and the need for full cooperation with the WHO to clarify the source of the epidemic.

The WHO mission examined the origin of the corona virus in Wuhan. The first results are