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Registration number of infections: more than 21,000. There are three areas at the forefront

We have over 21,000 new corona virus infections – unofficially RMF FM journalists. This is the highest number since the beginning of the year. Most cases were recorded in the following voiceships: Masovsky, Pomorsky and Lubuski. The government will today discuss the expansion of Govt controls due to rising infections.

Another record of corona virus infection has been broken in Poland. More than 21,000 of them were recorded in the last 24 hours, unofficially learned by RMF FM journalists. The worst situation is in three regions of Poland: Masovsky, Pomorsky and Lubuski.

Since the beginning of March, the number of new infections in our country has been increasing. Yesterday it reached 17 thousand. High results can be seen when the Ministry of Health announced to more than 15,000 people on March 3rd and 5th. New cases.

Unfortunately, we are approaching the November 2020 records. At that time, in daily reports, the number of infections exceeded 32 thousand. (November 24).

According to the Ministry of Health, more than 18,686 patients, including Govt-19 patients, are currently hospitalized in hospitals. There are 1,929 patients under ventilators.

In comparison, a week ago, on March 4, the Ministry of Health announced that 15,992 patients were in hospitals. Two weeks ago, on February 25, it was reported that 13,818 people had been admitted to the hospital. On Wednesday, the ministry announced that 18,378 patients had been admitted to the hospital, while on Tuesday – 18,105, and on Monday – 17,337.

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Currently 276,477 people are in isolation. According to the Ministry of Health, 1,516,540 people have been cured of the corona virus so far.

Jarosva Kokzyaski was vaccinated against Govt-19

As the number of epidemics continues to rise, the government will respond today Extension of corona virus controls. A formal decision has to be made Tomorrow During a meeting of the Government Crisis Management Committee. However, ministers need to take action today.

Dr. Suzdrziaski: There have been no such harsh states since November

Basic view Extension of increased restrictions to other regions. Especially in the Masovsky and Lubusky Voiceships. This is because the number of infections per population is twice as high as in other parts of the country. However, there are also bovines that are many times different.

As RMF FM journalist Chris Stof Brenda has pointed out, the problem with closing Masovia is that it is a big part and the financial consequences can be very painful.

Most shops, cinemas, theaters and games in schools, hotels, galleries, such as Warmia and Mussoorie will be closed if new restrictions are implemented in Masovsky Voidoship.

  • Closed hotels and accommodation.
  • Closed cinemas, theaters, philharmonics, operas.
  • Closed external courts.
  • Closed ski slopes.
  • Closed swimming pools, water parks.
  • Closed tennis courts.
  • Distance learning in grades 1-3 in elementary schools.
  • Distance learning in grades 4-8 in elementary schools, high schools, technical schools and colleges (with exceptions).
  • Closed gyms, fitness clubs.
  • Restaurants and bars closed, take only food.
  • Prohibition on the organization of weddings and consoles.
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Similar restrictions are set to be introduced at the Pomeranian Voidoship from Saturday. For now, the restrictions apply in this region March 13 to 20.

In other regions of Poland, cinemas, theaters, museums and swimming pools can still gain customers. Ski slopes are also open, for example, tennis courts. Students in grades 1-3 study on a standard basis.

Gyms and fitness clubs are closed, and restaurants can only be taken out.

Restrictions for the whole country:

  • Compulsory isolation of people entering Poland from the Czech Republic and Slovakia [CZYTAJ WIĘCEJ TUTAJ]
  • The duty to cover the mouth with masks. The use of scarves, chimneys, helmets, bandanas and helmets is prohibited. [CZYTAJ WIĘCEJ TUTAJ]