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John Pachovich for Interior: I could do nothing until the end of my life

– I am financially secure for the rest of my life. But that’s not what I’m saying. I like it when something happens. After finishing my life, I would love to find myself in the famous hall of UFC’s biggest stars. I thought I’d try my hand at the heavyweight division in a few years – says UFC champion John Bezhovich in the light heavyweight division in an interview with Interia.

Zbigniew Czyż, Interia: 1 to 10 What is your current fatigue?

John Bachovich: It was 10 as soon as I arrived in Poland. After a night’s sleep in Warsaw, I return with my family in full force. I will give a six now.

Was it hard to win the UFC Champions Belt for the first time last September, or is it defending now?

– I think it’s comparable. However, of course, the media pressure on me now was too much. Much more has been said in the world about the struggle against Adesenia than ever before with Reyes. However, my attitude was similar, one with a cold head. I was not pressuring myself not to let something stop me. I tried to turn stress into “valuable fuel”, not negative emotions. The experience allowed me to do my job once again better.

The fight was very equal. During the fight, did you realize that if he counts points, he will win?

– Yes. I felt like I was doing a little more work than my competitor. His blows mainly hit my block and I hit him more than once. Wrestling and playing were on my side. I know I dominate here, especially in the fourth and fifth rounds. I know I won this fight. During the verdict, I was afraid that the judges might evaluate it a little differently because sometimes it was different. Fortunately, they looked just like me and the others. Hands down, I was fine.

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After the fight, did you realize that UFC boss Dana White was not fully satisfied with the Polish victory?

– I don’t care much. It is important to me that I secured my belt and brought it to Poland. Dana White is an entrepreneur who sees everything in commercial terms. Behind the scenes, I also saw that they would transform Adesenia’s fight with John Jones. They may have had similar plans. But I showed up here to thwart their plans and do a good job.

However, compliments also flow in your direction. Previously, John Bachovich was probably not fully respected.

“I think it deserves respect. Now I have it sealed with my belt protection.” I am not surprised that I have not been fully respected before. However, I have to keep my leg up several times. I don’t have the form I need to have. Fortunately, I came to the summit, on the right track, hoping that in the long run I will not get out of it.

Overall UFC levels, you advanced from 14th to 8th without any weight categories. Where is the end of John Bachovich’s possibilities?

– I have a dream to be the best. I dreamed of being the best in my weight class and now I want to be number one without categories. I like to climb the rankings slowly. For starters I think about the stage, and then there will be a first place. Time is running out because years are running out, but nothing is possible.

However aren’t these all your sports dreams?

– After finishing my life, I would like to find myself in the famous hall of UFC’s biggest stars. I would like to secure the championship belt a few more times. I thought I’d try my hand at the heavyweight division in a few years. It all motivates me to work hard and stay in top shape all the time.

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The next competitor will most likely be Clover Dixie. What will John Bachovic’s next six months look like? Half, because are you going to have another fight in six months?

– I haven’t planned yet. Of course I will not do anything for the next two weeks. All I can do is watch the series on Netflix. I spend time with my family. At this point, I would like to thank my fianc தாயe and the mother of my son who is my manager. I want to pay her back. She did a great job.

When will you start actively preparing for your next fight?

– After a two week break, I will start moving. I really like riding a bike. I also love going up the climbing walls. I will also slowly start coming to the training room. I’m going to help some guys get ready for their fights. They have helped me before and I want to pay you back. I will start loading more 12 weeks before the fight, which means I know its date.

Are you already thinking slowly about your next opponent?

– You have to approach each competitor in a different way. I will definitely be analyzing his recent fights to eliminate his strong points. I will look for the weak and I will win.

Will there be a trip to relax outside of Warsaw now?

– We will stay in the capital for a few more days and then we want to go to the plot. We “sew” for two weeks of course. Forest, lake and us. We hope to enjoy ourselves.

Isn’t a holiday abroad an option?

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– I didn’t say no. It would be nice to go somewhere with the sun to recharge the batteries and lie down on the beach. It would be nice to relax, recover and go to training with a cool head and twice as much strength.

I talked to your partner. I know you spent very little time with John Jr. recently.

– I last saw him three weeks ago. He was born in December. When I saw him now, I told my fiance, but he changes! Very fast. I want to give it to him in the future so as not to miss these important moments in his development.

Are you satisfied with the shares that fought against Athena?

– It is known that it will always be better, but I am very happy.

Have contract rates declined due to the epidemic?

– In my example, for me, I can say that the stock will increase with the next fight. But UFC is a solid company, I didn’t cut anything. Instead, something is added all the time.

By the time you finish your life at this point I think you are already very financially secure. Maybe even for the rest of your life?

– I think so. For the rest of my life, I could do nothing. But that’s not what I’m saying. I like it when something happens. I do not like boredom.

Interviewed by Zbigniew Czyż

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