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Reasons why Paris Saint-Germain and the Bundesliga did not join the international first division

Reasons why Paris Saint-Germain and the Bundesliga did not join the international first division

Not among the 12 clubs founding the new competition

The creation of the European Premier League yesterday Advertised by 12 clubs, Promises to ignite war in football institutions, with UEFA, FIFA and many national leagues strongly opposing the idea. Two of Europe’s biggest clubs, Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich, have turned down invitations to join the league that was previously considered “separatist”.

According to “The Athletic”, the French champion considered it “disrespectful” to support the competition. The club is also ready to discuss UEFA’s plan for the new UEFA Champions League model, which will grow from 32 to 36 teams from 2024. The Paris team believes that this event should not be limited to the richest clubs in Europe, bearing in mind that clubs such as Ajax, Atalanta and Leicester should have a chance. “We remain true to the traditions of Uefa,” a source from Paris Saint-Germain told The Athletic.

But L’Equipe writes that Paris Saint-Germain could face a dilemma if the competition over the rich moved forward. How could a club not be among the European elite if it was making every effort to emulate and join it? It would be difficult to keep names like Neymar and Mbappe if they couldn’t compete with the biggest stars on the continent …

Germany is not assertive. Christian Seifert, Bundesliga chief executive, told ZDF: “The Bundesliga rejects any concept of the European Premier League. The economic interests of a few clubs in England, Italy and Spain should not lead to the suppression of the existing structures in football.”

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This refusal is based on the “50 +1” rules, that is, to compete in the German Bundesliga, clubs and their members must have the majority of their voting rights.

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