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The Phase 3 "Yes Vaccine" campaign promotes post-immunization care

The Phase 3 “Yes Vaccine” campaign promotes post-immunization care

The Brazilian is already accustomed to wearing a mask and jelly and keeping social distance. But it is important to maintain this care even after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine. It is with this logo formed by the Press Vehicles Association EstadawTV Globo, G1, GloboNews, O Globo, Extra, Folha de S. Paulo and UOL are launching today the third phase of their “Vacina Sim” campaign, with films for TV, social media action, and media pieces. Digital and print. There will also be a message boost with the participation of more than 70 associated brands.

“This stage reinforces the purpose of the federation, which is to combat misinformation. Now there is the need to maintain the necessary measures,” says Ricardo Villela, Globo’s director of press. “The progress of vaccination, which remains very slow, is essential for us to reduce the number of casualties and to revitalize the economy, and create jobs. There is no other way and we will continue to prioritize this campaign as long as necessary,” highlights Joao Caminotto, Director of Press at State group.

As Folha de S. Paulo’s managing editor, Sergio Davila, points out, this work also plays an important role “at a time when Brazilians fail to take the second dose and thus do not complete the necessary course of immunization”. “The campaign, whose goal has always been to inform, expands this proposal by calling on new actors in society to join forces against misinformation, and to encourage self-care and concern for others,” says Manuel Falcao, Director of Brand and Communications at Globo.

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Among those are supporters CBN Radio. According to the executive director of the press, Pedro Dias Light, “information is one of the main weapons in the fight against the epidemic.” “We are committed to raising awareness and directing our listeners, in partnership with the consortium, to help Brazil overcome this tragedy as soon as possible.”

UOL Content Director Murilo Garavello highlights just how far the campaign has already come. “While health management in the country is taking place in an uncoordinated manner, with spreading messages, the efforts and organized actions of the coalition with the #VacinaSim campaign have proven essential to raising awareness among the population.” “The consortium of the largest newsrooms in the country has created a vital source of data for setting public policies to combat COVID-19,” says Alan Grib, director of O Globo. It also highlights the importance of reliable information in times of fake news.

The “Yes Vaccine” campaign began in January, with a proposal to raise awareness among the population about the importance of the vaccine. The second stage was the participation of journalists, columnists, actors and TV presenters.

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