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Qualcomm smartphones Android problema falha

Qualcomm’s dangerous failure leaves 30% of Android smartphones at risk

Situations where Android smartphones are exposed and subject to security issues are not uncommon. If the problems are often in the operating system, then in other cases the hardware itself has serious flaws.

Qualcomm, due to its presence in this universe, is responsible for a large percentage of equipment. These are the ones who are now vulnerable to a serious new security breach, with around 30 Android smartphones at risk.

A new flaw in Android smartphones

The number of vulnerable smartphones is not known for certain, but the data points to thousands of Android devices. As a result of the now identified failure, many of these devices could be attacked by Qualcomm modems.

Error - CVE-2020-11292 It appears to be present in the Qualcomm MSM Interface Protocol (QMI). This is responsible for the connection between the smartphone modem and the Android OS, ensuring that these items are able to function properly together.

Qualcomm Android smartphones failed issue

The problem with Qualcomm modems

When exploiting the recognized flaw, the history of the exchanged messages, the call list, and other items associated with these smartphone services are easy to access. Only at this stage is the door open to accessing premium information from users.

Moreover, and what is it I showedIt is also possible to get real-time information about what is happening on your Android smartphone. We talk about listening to calls made and reading SMS sent or received. Other functions of the SIM can also be activated.

Qualcomm Android smartphones failed issue

Qualcomm has already released an update

To solve this problem, Qualcomm will have already sent a manufacturers update to apply it to their smartphones. What is unknown is whether this correction was effectively applied and who makes me and the prototypes really exist.

Qualcomm hardware failures in the world of Android smartphones are not uncommon. At the end of last year Has been displayed Security issue with Adreno GPU and in 2019 another brand modem failure has already occurred Foot. This new has the same seriousness and the same likelihood that it will never be resolved.

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