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PSG – FC Barcelona: Match and Report – Champions League | Eurosport – Football on TVN24

PSG – Barcelona: Eurosport.PL Report

After the Camp No reproach (1: 4), Barcelona needed a miracle to progress. However, Catalan Duma coach Ronald Koeman believes he has not lost everything yet.

– There is nothing impossible. We believe in ourselves. We know you have to win, we want to show our mentality that we have known for many years – Park des Princess stressed the Dutch before the conflict.

Nawaz P.S.G.

Barcelona came out on the pitch very motivated. In the first 25 minutes he closed the hosts in his own half and tried to reach the goal in his own style.

The best chances were snatched by Usman Tembele, whose shots were handled by Nawaz and Sergino Test. The shortcut saved the Spaniard’s effort in the PSG.

The Parisians survived the worst of times and finally responded as best they could. In the penalty area, Clement Lenglet stepped on Moro Icardi who fell on the pitch. The judge had no choice but to point the eleventh meter. Kylian Mbabane completed the rituals. The Frenchman was happy with the fourth goal of the dive.

:Ródło: Getty Images Kylian Mbabane scored from the penalty spot

This goal seemed to take second place in Spain. It’s nothing. Barca attacked again and, most importantly, he finally reached his goal. In the 37th minute Leo Messi showed a great long shot in the window. The goalkeeper has no chance.

A few minutes later, Koman’s players scored another goal. This time Nawaz checked the awareness Sergio Baskets.

In extra time, referee Anthony Taylor called another penalty – this time to Barcelona. Sure, Messi took responsibility for his shoulders, but … he made a mistake! Nawaz had been anticipating Argentina’s intentions and then got a little lucky. After his intervention, the ball bounced off the crossbar.

:Ródło: Getty Images Navas wins after defending Messi’s penalty

Barcelona needed three more goals to lead in extra time.

Barcelona hit its head against the wall

In the second installment of the show, the guests did not change the way they played. They still tried to attack, but could no longer do so with such vigor. It was clear that the frantic pace of the first half was slowly reaching its number.

Nevertheless, there were opportunities. In the 60th minute, the ball hit Messi’s penalty area, but Markinhos blocked his shot from close range.

:Ródło: Getty Images Barcelona did what it could to advance

About 20 minutes before the final whistle, Navas flew again. This time, the Barcelona players took a corner and blocked a strong shot from the head of the Costa Rican basket.

In the end, the PSG focused on the obstacles that would almost certainly end and advance to the quarterfinals. Holding the ball at 33% and only one shot to the goal spot says a lot about the attitude of the French champions.

Barcelona, ​​on the other hand, are saying goodbye to the Champions League, but it has to say goodbye.

Plans for the Champions League 1/8 final rematch:

Tuesday, March 9th
Juventus Turin – FC Porto 3: 2 (1: 2 in the first game)
Borussia Dortmund – Sevilla 2: 2 (3: 2)

Wednesday, March 10
Liverpool – R.P. Leipzig 2: 0 (first game 2: 0)
Paris Saint-Germain – Barcelona 1-1 (first foot 4: 1)

Tuesday, March 16th
Manchester City – Portugal Moychengladbach (2: 0)
Real Madrid – Atlanta Bergamo (1-0)

Wednesday, March 17th
Bayern Munich – Lazio Rome (4: 1)
Chelsea London – Atletico Madrid (1: 0)

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