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ProteGO Another PLN 2 million for safe use. So far, 3.8 thousand warnings of infection have been sent. People

STOP COVID – The government is spending another PLN 2 million on the use of ProteGO Safe. This means the controversial use has already cost a total of PLN 7 million.

The main function of Protocol Safe Usage is to inform the user about encounters with people infected with the corona virus. However, there is a condition – the same persons must have such an application and must enter it as they are affected.

As noted by RMF FM journalist Pave Balinowski, However, it is difficult to talk about the amazing success of the application. It has been downloaded by less than 1.9 million smartphone users in Poland in the last 9 months. I can’t tell you how many of them still have it on their phone and use it actively.

So far, warnings about the infection have been sent to just over 3.8 thousand people. People. At the end of October, there were only 420 such warnings, so there are more and more such alerts, but not enough to talk about the real prevention of further infections.

The next two million dedicated to the application will be spent primarily on its current maintenance, Repairing malfunctions and creating new functions. For example, it should contain information on the number of vaccinations carried out. Previously, PLN 5 million had already been spent – for the growth and development of the application.

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