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“Island of Love”. Pyotr chose a partner, and Carolina Killon arranged the merger

The third season of the show began last Sunday, February 28th. “Island of Love. Island of love“Broadcast and operated on Polsat Carolina Clone. Ten participants lived in a villa in sunny Spain and were able to move in pairs. Tattooed Pyotr joined the project and took the lead in choosing a partner. Unfortunately, his union plans were ruined by the leader.

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“Island of Love”. Pyotr chose Natasha, who was ten years younger than him

At the beginning of the chapter, the new Pyotr was to select a partner for the project. He stopped ten years younger than Natasha and took her away from Daniel. Participant said it was a good decision because finally something happened on the show. She admitted that she did not consider Danielle a candidate for a boyfriend anyway.

I see more of the future here than a relationship with Damien … yi, Daniel, Daniel … – he explained.

After a night out with Natasha, Pyotr admitted that he was more attracted to Valeria, but he chose Natasha to take a little risk. Ola received a text message from the production. She and Mathews had the opportunity to go on a date with Piotrek and Natasha. Waiting for the first couple of champagne, Strawberries, Markers and a mysterious box. Participants were asked to write down their expectations regarding this relationship. The second couple found wine and a dice used to play truth and challenge.

Piotr got the chance to show Natasha the forest and give a sexy dance. The participant was not sure of the idea, so they were asked to dance together. After the date, Natasha confessed to Valeria that she was barred by her partner’s age. He believes that a man at this age should be calm and take the future seriously. Valeria did not give her good advice.

Well, you’ll sleep with this … haha ​​with her – said her friend sadly.

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“Island of Love”. Carolina Killon arranges a link

David received a message about the upcoming event from the producers. Slightly kitschy disco costumes, glasses and wicks, as well as colorful lights and lots of champagne were waiting for participants. Carolina Clone woke up after an intense night. The facilitator admitted that he felt that the participants in the show were looking for friendship rather than love.

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She decided it was time for them to start a relationship and started dating. Stella chose the participant, who had previously been paired with him – Piotr. Ania chose Magiz and collected it from Ola. Valeria picked up Natasha Piotr. Ola chose Mathews without surprising the audience. The last choice was for Alexandra. Daniel, though having a good relationship with Daniel, chose David.

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